What is a Totem?

Totem is a symbolic item or object that gives value to those who discover them. A totem is not an easily detectable or easily identified object or item. It is believed that to discover your totem, you are required to meditate it through. It is an item that represents you and your inner most qualities in several different ways. For instance, several tribes adopt the lion as their totem because the animal represents great strength and courage. The lion is said to be a fighter and represents elements that are difficult to manage. Therefore, for tribes and clans that pick lion as their totem, there is a great deal of spiritual, physical and emotional connection with the animal.

The Animal Totem Hunt

As stated previously, there will be a need to discover your totem. The reason for engaging in the practice of discovering your totem is that only you truly know and understand yourself. When you connect with your inner most self, your core and your true instinct, only then can you discover your animal totem.

Note: the focus of this exercise is to discover the animal totem only. A totem can be an object or an item as well that might reflect your true nature or self.

To discover your animal totem, you should carry out the following exercise. Keep in mind that you are required to be in a very peaceful location where your mind is only focused on finding an answer and connecting with yourself at a very deep level and then engage in the following-

  • Start off by telling yourself that the intention is to find your animal totem. Be very hopeful for it.
  • Lie down with a blindfold around your eyes and start listening to music. Let the music move you away to a different world.
  • Manipulate your thoughts and feel the sensation of moving through a tunnel. Know that you are travelling down the tunnel with the intention of meeting your animal totem. Keep your intention pure and intense and remain committed to it.
  • By the time you reach the end, you will notice that your totem will cross your path. When you spot the animal, let it come and speak to you. Remember, this will be an entirely spiritual journey. When it starts making conversation with you, find yourself answering the following questions: am I drawn to this animal? Do I fear it? Do I have respect for it?
  • When you feel like you have completed your journey through the tunnel and met and discovered your totem animal, ask it to guide you back to the other end of the tunnel. When you return back, you will feel light headed about the entire journey and conversation.

What Other Elements can be a Totem?

Anything can be your personal totem. All you need to do is discover it and connect with it. Totems are generally considered to be lucky because you find a way of symbolizing yourself in a contained item or object. Besides animals, they can be represented by clothing items, jewelry items, paintings, sculptures and the like.

There is no exhaustive list for items or objects that can be qualified as totems. Whatever you choose as a representative of your character, personality and self can become a part of your identity. Additionally, these items are also considered to be your little secrets to success.

Totem Story

With the following hypothetical story, you can evaluate the power of a Totem. There were once two young girls who believed strongly in their friendship. They were emotionally well knit and regarded highly their relationship. To give their friendship a symbol, one friend gave the other a tangible show piece. It was a pipe made out of clay and was strong as a horse. The pipe was painted in their favorite colors and was carved beautifully. All in all, it was a symbol or a totem of their friendship.

One fine day, accidently, the friend who had the responsibility of keeping safe the item dropped it on the floor. Amazingly enough, the pipe broke into two halves. Interestingly so, it suffered the break right in the middle and it could be said that both the halves were equal in length. After a few days, their friendship hit a rough patch and within a short period of time, they became familiar strangers.

Viewed in a symbolic light, the pipe was their totem and was the fuel for their friendship. It had such symbolic value, that a few days after the pipe suffered an unpleasant break, the friendship in reality hit a wall as well. It was like a lucky charm for their friendship, when it was lost, the charm from the friendship evaporated.

Lucky Charm, Totems and Success

The above example briefly sheds light upon the fact that for something to successfully live on, symbolically, it has to survive as well. Hence, if you figure out your totem, or if you luckily already have it figured out- you can achieve a great deal of success in life. Imagine that your business has a totem. The workers, employees, managers and everyone else has great value for that one item and draw their energy from it.

When you cherish something that much, it is likely to guide you towards the right path and help you achieve many things in life. Let’s take another well known example. Before football matches, fans sit in front of the television and clutch onto something that they believe has a great deal of power and is likely to serve as a lucky charm for the team. There will be several people who will hold onto a handkerchief, others who will keep their remote in a particular position and the rest who will sit in a specific posture. These are also seen as totems because you can easily pin point out what exactly is leading your team towards a win.

Discovering your totem should be made a priority. When you believe in hunting it down, it is likely to come into your awareness easily. So what is your totem? Have you found out the source of energy for your success?

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