It seems that all sorts of new diseases and viruses are plaguing the world as it becomes more populated and diverse. People are so used to being pressured into buying prescription drugs to fix their medical problems that they forget about natural methods of warding off viruses. This is bad because when a super virus hits there won’t be any way to cure it. The only thing you can do is keep your body’s immune system strong in order to prevent yourself from ever getting the super virus. Nature gave humans an immune system for a reason. This is the area of the body that acts as a shield to protect you from invading germs and viruses from the outside world that try to infect your white blood cells. The immune system consists of tissues, cells and organs; which all work together to protect the body from outside organisms that could hurt it. The body’s immune system is blocking germs all the time from getting into your body, but people hardly ever notice because they don’t get sick when the germs are blocked.

However, every once in awhile a person will get infected with a virus or germ that their immune system won’t be strong enough to block. When this happens it will cause the person to get sick, which means they will need to get help from somewhere else. Their only choice will be to go to the doctor and get antibiotics or other medicines to kill the invading virus for them. But, if you can keep your immune system strong then you will rarely ever be in the position where you are sick and require unnatural drugs to cure your infection. A strong immune system simply means you have a strong shield in your body against invading germs that are trying to infect your white blood cells.

To keep your immune system strong, it requires you to watch your nutritional intake very carefully. After all, the immune system is in your body and the food you eat is what fuels your body. If you eat junk food then it not only ruins your outside appearance, but your internal function will also become impaired. When this happens the physical barriers of your immune system won’t be strong enough to prevent a virus from breaking through. Then when it does break through all the barriers you will become ill and in need of medical attention. Fortunately, most situations like this can be prevented by picking out the right foods and hydrating yourself as often as possible.

For the right foods, try to start looking at the nutritional labels as often as you can on the foods you purchase. You will want to focus on the daily value percentage for vitamins and minerals in the food, especially the Vitamin C. This is a vitamin that is essential for building a strong immune system in the body. You should get about 300 to 1000 milligrams of Vitamin C everyday from natural foods like oranges, guavas, peppers and kiwis. There are also supplements for Vitamin C which are effective, but make sure you take the supplement with solid food so it can absorb better. You must also keep up a regular exercise routine because physical activity helps your immune system’s cells circulate throughout your body faster.

A super virus is an infection that can eventually lead to a life threatening cancer. However, it is important to remember that a viral infection needs to invade white blood cells before it can hurt you. A strong immune system will stop the infection from ever reaching those white blood cells, even if it is a super virus that is invading your body. However, there are rare viruses, like HIV, that actually harvest on the protective cells of your immune system instead of the white blood cells. Since the cells of the immune system are what helps block normal infections, getting a super virus that thrives on those cells will certainly be harmful to your body. On the positive side you may have less severe symptoms from this type of virus if you continue to keep your immune system strong. You may even be able to prolong the life threatening effects that will eventually come in the future. Don’t worry because in most viral infections this is not an issue and a strong immune system will help protect you from ever getting sick.

So, why is their urgency to strengthen our immune systems? We live in a heavily technological and chemically active society. All of the garbage and pollution derived from these things ends up attracting all sorts of germs and infectious organisms. The air we breathe is filled with these tiny invaders and they are getting into our bodies all the time. That means the chances of people getting sick are increasing all the time because there are more germs in the air than ever before. Not only that, but there are new germs being discovered that people didn’t even know about before. So, is leading an unhealthy lifestyle really worth getting sick all the time?
You sure don’t want to depend on going to the hospital to cure you every time you get sick. With healthcare costs increasing every year, you’ll end up bankrupt in no time. The only logical and natural solution is to keep your immune system as strong as it can be through diet and exercise. Those are two words that tend to scare people, but they can do so much good in your life if you let them. If you don’t take good care of yourself now, you will surly regret it as you get older. In old age, your immune system gets weaker and if you have been eating processed foods your whole life then you’ll be in a world of hurt. Have you ever wondered why there are so many old people in nursing homes these days? It isn’t necessarily because of their old age. It is because they never took care of their immune systems when they were younger and now they are paying the price. You don’t have to end up the same way. Just stay healthy!

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