Everyone has tried self remedy at one point or the other in their lives, especially for simple ailments which do not require seeking professional medical services. Self remedy is usually practiced for minor illnesses because it ensures greater amount of independence for the person as they get to make the decisions on how to go about their treatment.

Illnesses such as cough, cold, minor pains, and aches are common and happen often in our daily lives. It is not necessary that we rush to the doctor every time we suffer from such an ailment.

Self remedy also involves self medication which means using medicinal products such as medicinal drugs by people to treat their minor illnesses and self recognized symptoms. This could also be true for recurring illnesses, either chronic or minor, for which the doctor has already prescribed a medication for recurring use.

Information Availability

New technology, especially the internet, has been great for seeking medical relation information online. Now everyone has access to unlimited amounts of information which has led to people relying on themselves instead of anyone else for their well being. This is especially true for curing of minor illnesses because information such as how to cure or prevent them and what medication to use for them is now widely and freely available.

Technique for Safe Self Remedy

Any self remedy or self medication requires that the person is following accurate steps and doing everything correctly to ensure safety and well being of oneself.

First, the symptoms need to be properly identified and recognized, and according to the symptoms the appropriate measure needs to be taken. If drug usage is necessary, then the amount and schedule for the drug(s) needs to be determined taking into account any medical history or other diseases. Monitoring the illness throughout the course of medication is extremely necessary and the progress needs to be noted down.

In case of any adverse effects of self remedy, instant action needs to be taken to counter it in the least time possible.

Advantages of Self Remedy

Self remedy has a lot of advantages, and the first and foremost advantage is that self remedy allows a person to become more independent in treating his or her own minor medical condition. The healthcare systems also benefit from this. In many regions of the world, there are not a lot of health care facilities. Self remedy can help increase medical access for people who really need medical attention because this way the medical institutions get to use their clinical skills for better use instead of treating minor ailments. The costs of prescribed drugs which are linked to publicly funded health programs and the overall government costs on healthcare are also reduced considerably.

Rural populations, who do not have access to medical facilities, can use self remedy techniques for controlling various diseases that can be easily controlled. Medical care can then be accessed later on for a checkup or if the disease does not respond to home care.

These days, with such advancement in technology and with free availability of information, medicines are widely available, and we have a greater range of treatment choices. This has given us a lot of luxury to be our own doctor at times instead of going through the hassle of visiting a professional doctor.

Disadvantages of Self Remedy

There are certain risks associated with self medication, for instance a misdiagnosis can sometimes happen because most of the self medication techniques are done through guessing and intuition. Most of the times, certain everyday diseases are easy to diagnose, but sometimes, these disease can be linked to another major disease which a person would not even know about. These are the kind of diseases that may start with mild symptoms which the person might mistake for everyday ailments such as flu. In these situations, the late diagnosis of the actual disease can be really harmful for a person and this misdiagnosis could result in a person using the wrong drug, take a higher dosage of the said drug, or could use it for an increased duration.

Health care professionals have years of experience in properly diagnosing any disease. To top that knowledge, they also verify their diagnosis through proper verification techniques. Home based remedies or self diagnosis involve no such verification processes or knowledge. We do not even have proper understanding of the medication that we take sometimes to cure minor illnesses such as headaches. There is also the risk of negative effects of certain medications or drug interactions.

There should always be proper monitoring done in order to avoid the discussed harms, and education and information should be provided to people so that they can safely use self remedy techniques to a greater advantage.

The disadvantage can also be seen in terms of our abusive use of antibiotics which has caused the birth of drug resistant bacteria.

Understanding Self Remedy

Self remedy does not always mean excessive intake of medicines. Sometimes, a change in dietary habits and having healthy supplements can also cure your minor ailments. But you have to be careful when taking supplements and herbs. Be watchful because they can also have negative effects, especially alternative medicines that have not been tested.

Being well informed and being responsible are two key elements to self medication. If you are using self remedy for any disease, always be sure to track your progress and set deadlines. If by a specific deadline the disease does not show any progress, then it may be time to visit a professional medical facility and get yourself tested.

Your health and wellness is the most important thing you can do for yourself and your family. Therefore, being a hundred percent sure of what you are doing or how you are taking care of the situation is vital. If there is even a little bit of doubt, always consult a professional.

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