What do you do when you get angry? Does it bring out the hulk in you or do you just suppress your anger and keep everything inside you? Did you know that expressing your anger in the right way can help you get the desired results, improve your relationships and be healthy? Read on and find out how.

What Is Anger?

Like happiness and sadness, anger is a natural emotion that we experience on and off. This emotion is generated in response to an unwanted situation. We have goals and expectations, and if we face any hindrances, we may feel angry. Like most emotions, anger is not only a state of mind but it affects the whole body and the way you think about a situation. We are often informed about the adverse effects of this emotion which are generally related to heart issues and blood pressure. Also, it impairs our judgment. But the favorable aspects of anger are always ignored. Anger is better than fear as it gives your brain the capability to stand up for what you believe in.

This emotion is often expressed by being loud, staring and an aggressive posture. We don’t like to be around angry people and may not like ourselves when we are angry.

Expressing Anger Is Good

Anger can get you the desired results if it is expressed in a positive way. In fact, one can use anger when it is supposed to be used. Anger is an instinct for defense. This feeling arises and makes us strong enough to protect ourselves and our rights.

But make sure you are getting angry for the right reasons and expressing your anger for those reasons, instead of letting it out on people who do not deserve that anger.

Anger and Analytical Skills

When someone is angry, they pay more attention to what is important than to what is not important. The process of analytical thinking is enhanced. This is because anger demands response. In an ideal situation, the response you get is constructive. In which case, you focus on finding a solution and thinking analytically and this is how anger can lead to understanding and healthy decision making.

In stressful situations, anger can give you a feeling of being in control. It has a positive role to play in our lives

Anger and Your Health

Anger has a lot of adverse affects on your health that cannot be ignored. They contribute to stress and heart disease. It is really important to control your emotions and yourself so that this anger does not lead you to risky or harmful behavior.

Dealing with Anger

Weather anger is good or bad for you can only be determined on the basis of why you got angry and how you reacted. In most situations where you get angry, ask yourself if you are getting angry for the right reason because you only have three options once you get angry. Either you can hold it in, completely lose it or control it.

If you end up holding it in, you will just be grumbling and refusing to answer any questions and this will not help the situation in anyway. Whatever made you angry will happen again as nobody knows it’s making you angry, or make them realize that they are doing something wrong. The second one will back fire. But if you calmly discuss what is wrong and why you are angry, you will be able to figure out a solution and will not have to face this unfavorable situation again.  Dealing with anger in this way can result in making good decisions.

Holding anger inside you may cause depression and anxiety issues. While screaming and losing it may affect your heart and blood pressure. On the other hand if you deal with your anger in a calm way, you will not have to face these dreaded consequences. It is also good when it comes to maintaining your relationships.

Anger and Control

Anger, as we have discussed, is mostly regarded as a negative emotion. But if we learn to control it and divert this emotion in the right direction at the right time and at the right people, anger can be very useful. For example, if a child misbehaves, it is not wise to start screaming on him and cursing nor is it wise to ignore it. If it is something that should be nipped in the bud, it’s better make the child realize that what he is doing is not right. That is the most effective way to channel your anger.

You can control your anger and use this negative emotion to make a constructive change in your life instead of letting this anger control you. It’s all about taking control.

Anger and Control of Situation

It is also proven that in a stressful situation, being angry is better than being fearful. You are more in control of the situation when your brain is more active in the flight or fright situation.

Anger and Decision Making

It has scientifically been proven that anger changes the way you think. But contrary to the popular belief, it is for the better. It has been observed that when angry, people can differentiate between strong and weak arguments. Those who were not angry could not differentiate between strong and weak arguments. This suggests that anger makes decision making easy as you can tell what is important to you.

So ask yourself the reason for feeling so angry the next time you feel that rage. You should only be angry for the right reasons. It is okay to take a stand for yourself or someone else but there is no point in getting angry for not winning a lottery. Also, ask yourself how you should express your anger. Do not suppress it. But try to calmly deal with the situation and for the right amount of time. Anger, for an extended period of time, may ruin your health and your relationships. If you get angry too often, nobody will take you too seriously.

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