Depression seems to be a growing problem amongst people in this world. They are completely unhappy with themselves and the people around them. This causes them to become antisocial outcasts who are full cynicism and skepticism about everything. If a person like this could only learn to trust themselves they could easily overcome these negative feelings and be happy in life. Not only that, but trusting yourself allows you to take more risks that could lead to big rewards and great successes. All it takes is a little bit of faith and belief in yourself that you can accomplish your goals.

Depressive people often put themselves down and think they are a worthless person who will never succeed at anything. People who think like this don’t get these ideas on their own. Usually it has to do with tough childhood experiences where they had people constantly telling them they were worthless. If a person hears negative comments about themselves long enough then they will start to believe them as being true. Often times, people who make negative comments about others are just trying to be hurtful and don’t really feel that way. Unfortunately, the person who endures the negative comments from others has a tough time of blocking out the words they hear. Instead they leave a long lasting effect on them that leads into adulthood.

So, how does somebody learn to trust themselves and think more positive? Having supportive people around you is always a good start. When were kids we often have bullies who make us feel bad, but as adults we tend to have more compassionate people who try to make us feel better. This is the perfect opportunity to learn to trust again. Listen to the positive comments that people tell you and think about how much sense they make. Ask yourself why you feel that you are worthless? If the answer is because people have always told you that, then that is no answer at all.

You know yourself better than anyone else and so you have the potential to change if you want to. Start thinking about all the accomplishments you’ve had in your life and the things you are good at. If you are somebody that ends up being bad at everything, the reason for that probably has to do with your negative thinking. After all, your mind is what controls everything you do. If you think bad about yourself, then you will be bad at whatever you are doing. Have you ever heard the expression “mind over matter?” This is the type of situation where that applies. If you can put a positive aspect on the actions you do, then you will get better at them. You just have to take a chance and trust yourself that you can do it.

Often times the trust we have for ourselves is put to the test when we have the opportunity to try something new. Perhaps, there is a promotional opportunity at work for a job that requires much more responsibility. If you trust yourself enough to do the job then you will apply for it. If you don’t trust yourself to do well at that job then you won’t even try applying and somebody else will get it. Ask yourself, “What is the worst that can happen if I try?” The answer is you will try and fail, but that is still better than not trying and failing. If you don’t try you are guaranteed to fail. So, isn’t it worth taking the risk of trying? Fear is nothing more than an unpleasant feeling generated by your brain because of consistent worry and uncertainty about a particular situation. Trust is simply the absence of fear and the total belief that things will work out in the future. If you can tell yourself there is nothing to worry about and lose that fear, then you will be able to trust yourself enough to face any obstacle presented to you.

Trusting yourself boils down to one thing, “faith.” Let’s examine the definition of faith; it means to put your trust into something when you have no logical proof of its reality. Meaning you believe in something because you feel you are right, even though you cannot prove you are right. But remember, you don’t have to be a religious person to have faith either.

Faith is often used with religion because in that context it means believing in a higher power without any logical proof. You can still take the word “faith” and apply it to any form of context. You could have faith that you’ll win the lottery or faith that you’ll become rich someday. But most importantly, you need faith if you are ever going to trust yourself. It involves taking a risk and not knowing what the outcome will be. The “not knowing” factor is what people always have a problem with. Many people want to know what to expect at all times or else they don’t put forth their trust. Faith can be a life saver for these people because it can feel great to just believe for the sake of believing. By doing this you will be able to trust yourself and take more chances, which is what life is all about.

The people who are happy and have achieved greatness in their lives have done so from taking risks and accepting challenges. They are confident and they trust themselves to be good whatever it is they do next. You’ll be surprised how much better your life will get when you start putting trust and faith in yourself ahead of self doubt.

Hopefully now you have a few ideas on how to start trusting yourself. Once you get started it is easy to keep it up. The hardest part is making that first step forward and accepting your faith. Once you overcome this challenge then you’ll feel so good about yourself that you won’t want to stop believing that you can accomplish anything.

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