Everyone prefers to remain clean. No one enjoys or appreciates the idea of an unclean environment. It is a well known fact that individuals who prefer self cleanliness will put in a great deal of effort in keeping their surroundings and the environment clean. Indeed, the first step to a healthy life is based in the idea of cleanliness. However, here you will find a further breakdown of this first step to health.

Levels to Cleanliness

If asked to describe cleanliness, many will state that it is the act of washing hands etc. Well, in reality, cleanliness can be as minor or as major an influence as one believes it to be. There is no universal explanation for cleanliness. Person A might describe it as the act of taking a shower every single day whereas, Person B might see it as the act of washing hands after every 30 minutes. Person B definitely sounds OCD, however, there is no agreed upon definition for this popular concept.

The three levels or sub steps to cleanliness are:

The Self

This is the first and the most basic level to the idea of cleanliness. How is this linked to the idea of health? When you make sure that your personal hygiene is not affected under any circumstances, you save yourself from many health risks. Taking care of the self is one of the easiest ways of managing health.

For instance, when we step out of the house, our skin is exposed to many harmful agents. From the harmful rays of the sun to the pollutants in the air, everything interacts with your skin as you walk down the street. There will only be a handful of us who, upon reaching their humble abodes, take out time and wash our hands and faces. This is considered to be one of the main reasons for a rough skin and acne or pimples.

Besides the aforesaid example, there are several ways in which lack of self care and self grooming can lead to minor and major health risks. Did you know that women should change their undergarments almost every day? This helps save them from minor problems such as infections and major problems such as cancer.

The Environment

Our surrounding and our environment play a major role in our health. If we manage to keep our environment and our surrounding clean, it becomes easier to manage our health on a larger scale. Living in an environment or an area that is unclean is similar to the idea of wearing crisp white attire and walking knee deep through a muddy puddle, hoping that you will reach the other end without a single stain on your clothes.

It is definitely important to keep clean the surroundings and monitor its cleanliness. For instance, if there is trash lying around in your front yard with bees humming around it, there are chances that you will develop some form of sickness at the end of the day. Take a moment and throw the trash away, you are likely to save yourself from diseases and also manage to keep your environment clean.

When you keep the environment clean, you can easily breathe in fresher air and roam around in a healthier environment. Additionally, cleaning the surrounding has a great psychological benefit as well. Have you ever heard of the famous therapy for feeling good? It is believed that cleaning someone else’s trash can make you feel great.

Try the following. The next time you find someone throwing a tiny bit of garbage on the road or on your street, step forward and clean it. Pick up the trash from the floor and pop it in the dust bin. It will not only help keep the environment clean but also boost your self esteem.

Benefitting Others

Health is not limited to the self. It is a shared concept. Even if you are not trying, you tend to share your piece of cleanliness with someone else. For example, when you throw your trash in the bin, it saves you and many other from a multitude of undesirable diseases. Similarly, when you avoid the wastage of paper, you save trees that in return protect the Earth from the harmful rays of the sun.

Additionally, when you engage in self grooming, you tend to save many around you from several different health risks and diseases. Is there cold and flu in the air? If you have been taking care of your cleanliness, there are high chances you will be able to save yourself. Hence, the next time you step into the lift and not sneeze or cough, you will be saving five other individuals from health issues.

Cleanliness as a Motivator

If you are a student or some individual who has an assignment to complete, but somehow that assignment feels like the most boring task in the world. When you force yourself to settle down and try to concentrate on your work, somehow the cracks in the wall appear to be more interesting. In that case, try the following.

Get moving. Don’t waste time staring around. Rather, get up and clean the area you choose to locate yourself in for the assignment. If there is a stack of books lying around, arrange them. If there are clothes lying out of the laundry basket, place them in and carry the bucket to its rightful place. If there is a big ball of dust rolling around, sweep it away. Bring your clean freak to life and put it to use. After cleaning the area, you will feel motivated to complete the assignment. Cleanliness is a great source of motivation as well!

Taking the First Step

Now that you understand the importance of cleanliness, it is important to initiate the journey towards a healthy you. Start off with self care and self grooming. In every possible manner, keep yourself as clean as possible at all times. It will do wonders for your self esteem and also for the environment.

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