“You have to embrace you are getting older” ~ Meryl Streep.

“And the beauty of a woman, with passing years only grows!” ~ Audrey Hepburns.

These and other women have met age and embraced it with great positivity. One of the key elements of aging is acceptance of changes. Wisdom, one indebted gift of age, can also help you look at the light that shines at the end of the dark tunnel. The tunnel is long and the following are some steps that can help sporadically lighten up the passage.

Step 1

When you tell yourself that the physical and psychological changes are a result of the number of increasing candles on your birthday cake, it indicates that you have managed to spot the ladder of aging. However, you still haven’t landed on the first step of the ladder because your perspective and attitude need a thorough renewal.

Take a good look in the mirror. Are there changes that you feel have changed your appearance completely? Is there any sign of aging that you feel is serving as a dent on your identity? When you notice these changes, two outcomes are possible. Either you can cuss age and let the insect of worry consume you on the inside. Or, like every other smart woman, you can use this awareness and be proactive with it. So, if you wish to go with the latter, navigate to step 2 of aging gracefully.

Step 2

Proceeding with age gracefully does not have to be undertaken with needles injected in your skin or other unnatural means. We have seen several different unnatural means of reversing age go bad. Therefore, it can be done with natural and healthier and above all safer means. Age is just digits; it truly is your perspective and efforts that make you appear graceful.

For example, facial exercises are one method of defying age through natural means. Adopt a few basic facial exercises and give them time to serve as natural face lifters. They can actually do wonders if done religiously and regularly and with patience. Besides the exercising bit, keeping your skin hydrated is another useful method of radiating youth. Hence, eating healthy and exercising is the second most important part of aging gracefully.

Step 3

Learning to be congruent is the third and most crucial step. It is easy to change the behavior and convince oneself that adopting healthy actions will help manage a healthy lifestyle. In reality, the mind, soul and body need to be in sync at all times. You will be unfair on yourself if your external is behaving in a particular manner whereas your internal mechanism is screaming hopelessness.

Being congruent is not only an essential, but it helps build confidence and gives you the basis for self belief. It’s all about managing the internal dialogue. The next time you feel an inner nagging voice bringing you down by saying that you are old and that anything and everything that you do will go in vain, be your own therapist. Learn to be kind to yourself. Know that the inner nagging voice is your rugged old self and you cannot give into it. Therefore, adopt a friendly youthful voice and convince yourself to be congruent.

Step 4

Look for good examples around you. It is impossible for you to not have a personal aging mentor or coach. If you do not have an acquaintance who can serve as a role model, look for a celebrity or some other role model who can serve as a source of inspiration. Similarly that we learn many bits about life from our teachers, these role models can help us navigate through age well.

Hence, pick a role model. It is not difficult to do so. Once you are done choosing your favorite aging personality, read about them. If it is a relative, learn about their life. You will uncover many bits of information that is likely to help you pull through many different aspects of aging. For instance, if you appreciate how Jane Fonda has defied age, adopt her exercise routine. Similarly, if you feel the diet plan of a certain celebrity will do wonders for you; start to religiously follow their eating habits. Find a person, and act like their shadow.

Step 5

Look back at the early years of your life and take pride in how you have spent those early days. One of the worse things that you can do to yourself is being self critical. It is one of the most common yet dangerous elements of life. Those who are self critical are not only unhappy but also develop multiple complexes with age. These are the individuals who will look back at the early years of their life with a frown face. Do not be one of them.

Love yourself and be a chirpy and happy bird. When you look back at the early years of life, look at every event and incident as an experience for learning. It is impossible for an event or an incident to be void of a useful lesson. Think of what you gained not what you lost. This is actually one of the best mental practices for graceful aging. When you think positive, you feel good and when you feel good, you tend to look good. Even when you look back at grave mistakes, slip in a positive remark for yourself such as ‘at least I tried’ or ‘it could have been worse.’

Step 6

One of the best methods of defying age is trying something new. You will be old but there is no age limit to trying new things and being innovative. There is no age limit to creativity as well. Engage yourself in some activity that you love. Do not feel let the aching bones or the weak vision, let you sit back on a rocking chair.

Do what you love. If you love nature, take a stroll in the park every day. If you love the kitchen, spend time making treats for family. Keeping yourself busy is also likely to help you age gracefully as you will feel that your life has a purpose.

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