External influences are all around us. From the minute we’re born, we have people surrounding us, trying to make us like them. From parents to teachers, they all try to influence our minds into thinking like they do. This is how we have different kinds of people in this world.

For example, if you grew up with uneducated and abusive parents then chances are you could grow up to be ignorant with a violent temper. These external influences can easily mold you into something similar to what you have been subjected to for long periods of time. You need to learn how to fend off external influences as much as possible, so you can be the person that you want to be.

Now you may be thinking, “Should I not let teachers influence me?” Well, teachers mean well but they do not know everything about life. You should only listen to the knowledge they give you about a new subject that you are not familiar with. If they start trying to teach you life lessons, then don’t pay so much attention. They are not living your life and you are not living theirs. You need to have a strong self core if you are going to ward off these external influences from all directions.

The first step in fending off external influences is to know who you are. A lot of people walk around not having a clear understanding of themselves and what they can do. So, they tend to look to other people to fill in those missing identity gaps.

Then, those people give advice to help fill in the gaps, but the problem is: their advice doesn’t work for everyone. We are all different kinds of people with our own unique experiences, personalities, traits, skills and abilities. All of these little things add up to whom we are and what we can do.

Sometimes, some people may try to get you to do something that against your will. But, you may give in anyway because you want to avoid a conflict or a negative reaction from the person who is influencing you. If you keep giving in like this, you will never be a happy person.

Worst of all, you will never be happy with yourself either and your self confidence will be very low.

It is no wonder why so many people suffer from depression in this world. Sure, you can blame it on genetics or a chemical imbalance in the brain. However, a lot of it has to do with people not feeling good about themselves because they let others walk all over them.

What you need to do is make your own decisions as much as possible and don’t let anyone’s influence be the deciding factor in what you do. You can think about people’s advice and then come up with your own conclusion from there. Don’t just listen to somebody and then immediately do what they say without thinking about it. There are too many people in this world that you cannot trust, and such people like to use others who appear to be emotionally weaker. Try to rise above your own insecurities and make your own decisions about the actions you want to take in life.

It may feel overwhelming when you come to the realization that you have to ward off all these external influences. There will never be any leniency given to you by these external influences. They will always be pressuring you all the time to think and act a certain way. Please don’t get discouraged by that.

It certainly won’t be an easy journey to build your self-core, but in the end, it will be worth it. If you ever feel that everyone around you is trying to influence you, try influencing them back. Why let them be the only ones to influence your self-core to submit to their way of thinking?

Try influencing them into your way of thinking. Chances are, they won’t be used to that and will stop trying to influence you as long as you stop influencing them. People are often not as tough as they appear to be. They may be passionate to try and change you, but if you try to change them, they will run a mile away.

A perfect example of this is with religious people. Have you ever seen a catholic try to influence an atheist to go to church? If the atheist remains quiet and respectful then the catholic will continue to persuade him to go to church. But if the atheist starts preaching how he doesn’t believe in god, the catholic will get turned off and will immediately leave him alone. What do you think that means? It means the catholic in this example, doesn’t have a very good self-core himself. These people are trying to persuade other people into their beliefs because they don’t feel like there could be other possibilities beyond their own thoughts and influences. If they did, then their self core would be compromised. Therefore, you will find many times that external influencers hate to be influenced by their own external influences.

So, if anybody tries to influence you, just give them a dose of their own medicine. You’ll likely fend off all these people trying to change you and then you can live your life by preserving your self-core in your own image.

You only have one life to live on this earth. Let it be your life and let your own experiences influence you into making your own decisions.

Other people are just like you in a way, they are looking for influential experiences as well. It’s just that it is so easy to lose yourself in this big world by living vicariously through other people who have more experiences. If you let vicarious living influence you, then you are setting yourself up to disappointment.

You need to have your own experiences so you can keep your own self core strong with the influences that come with it. External influences will always be there but just believe in yourself and your will to be your own influential figure.

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