We’ve all made mistakes. We all have regrets. Sometimes we fall and fail and we hit rock bottom. And that is when we realize how we’re not living the way we want to live. And sometimes we know it’s time to change and it’s time make a fresh start.
Now that doesn’t mean you change your name, move to a new town, deactivate your Facebook account and change your number. That’s too dramatic! Please don’t be a quitter. Don’t run away. Be a fighter, fight back, fight yourself! Just change the way you live. Change your habits that will have an everlasting impact on your entire life.

Step 1) Make a List
Make a list of things you want to change in your life. Raise your standards! Hate everything about your life now! Be disgusted. Tell yourself you want everything to be better. Make a list of things you want to and are willing to improve about yourself and your life. You have to have the desire to change and believe that you can. Jot down things you can’t tolerate, things that make you want to start over. Things that you want to achieve. Write down how you feel and why you don’t want to feel like that throughout your life. Read it to motivate yourself whenever you lose your motivation.

Step 2) Strategy
Now that you have made your mind, it’s time to chase your dreams. You have the objectives, now you need a strategy. How will you reach your goals? Make a habit of doing things that will lead you to your goals on a regular basis. Make small changes in your life and see how your life changes:

• Believe In Yourself
Be confident that one day you will reach the success you have been dreaming of. Have no doubts and be very certain that you will achieve prosperity. Your brain controls your actions so make sure you believe that if anybody can do it, you can do it!
Picture yourself doing it. Make sure your brain is ready to do its part.
This belief will lead you to change! Have the desire to change. Be self-motivated. But it’s not only your belief that will take you to the point you desire but your actions. Do not let small failures mess with your strong believes.

• Game Plan
Once you start believing, you need a strategy. Design one that will help you reach your goals. Strategise to enhance your belief in your goal. For example, if you want to become healthy and exercise everyday Think of its benefits and plan activities, schedule them, prepare for them, and do them. If you face any problems, figure out why you are facing them, and how to overcome them. Set measurable and attainable goals!

• Planning it Step Wise
There are many ways you can use to make yourself be prepared for achieving your goals. Plan your days. From the time you will wake up to what you will do the whole day and when you will hit the hay again. Have clothes ready the day before. Plan your meals in advance. Plan what you’ll get done throughout the week and during the month. Make sure the goals you set are achievable. Gradually, you will get in the habit of doing so and will not need to plan every minute detail.

• Be Very Specific
Stick to you plan, and write down each and every little detail about your course of action and your goals. Do not lack behind on anything. It’s like a deck of cards. If you fall back once, you will not be able to cope up and you’ll be come more relaxed about your goals. And this will bring you back to square one.
Note: Make your plans in first person and be specific. So instead of writing ‘wake up early’, write ‘I will wake up at 7:00 am’. Our brain tends to respond to things written in first person more actively.
• Appreciate and Reward Yourself
To keep yourself motivated and happy, you need to reward yourself for every achievement. It is important to make time for yourself and thank yourself for your efforts. As you achieve your goals, keep rewarding yourself and do praise yourself. It will feel good and make sure you stay motivated to achieving your goal. Others will also see the change in you and appreciate you for it.

• When Something Goes Wrong
When you don’t follow the plan, make sure you note it down. Don’t criticize yourself. Instead encourage yourself to do something about it and tell yourself that you are better. Try to cover what you have missed the very next day. Remind yourself about where you were, where you are and where you want to be! Don’t disappoint yourself. You are capable of achieving greatness; work for it. Don’t make any excuses.

• Record Your Progress
Your objectives should be measurable so that you can measure your success. Tell how far you’ve come and how far do you still have to go. When you see your accomplishments, you will realize that your efforts have not gone in vain. Instead, you will feel a proud sense of achievement. Just note down whatever you achieve, however big or small. It may seem negligible now but it plays a great role in motivating yourself to do more. Do it daily.

Step 3) Work Hard for Success
Sometimes it is time to rise and get back on your feet. That is why we fall. It is time to forget your past and move on. You have to forgive yourself and press on for greater achievement. It is time to spend all your time improving yourself. It is time to start anew! A complete overhaul will benefit you in the long run.

Make your own goals and guidelines and stick to them. Be enthusiastic and confident about reaching zenith and gaining success. Remember there is no shortcut to true success. It will take time and effort. But mostly, it requires self determination!

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