There are many people and businesses in this world that make a living trying to persuade other people to do something. When you were growing up, you had parents and teachers trying to tell you how to act and how to feel. When you’re an adult, you have businesses constantly trying to persuade you through advertisements to buy their product or service. It can get to a point where a person is so used to having others persuading them into making decisions, that they never get used to making decisions for themselves. In other words, fewer people these days have any self persuasion abilities. Self persuasion can help you in situations where others are trying to persuade you to do something. It can give you the ability to rationalize your own choices without giving into the pressures that other people’s persuasions are putting on you. For example, if a sales person tries to sell you a get-rich-quick book that you know is a scam, the only way you will be able to tell them no is by persuading yourself to do so. If you lack self persuasion abilities, then you will give into the persuasion of the salesperson instead. Self persuasion can give a person a chance to make decisions for themselves and not let outside influences persuade them.

The textbook definition of self persuasion is when a person alters their own beliefs or attitudes after experiencing a situation that conflicts with their original beliefs. In other words, self persuasion is how people cope with situations they are not used to. They change their way of thinking in order to adapt to the new reality they are facing. A person’s motivation to change often comes after they experience some feeling of inner tension. This inner tension is formed when a person has to do or say something that goes against their original beliefs. One example of this would be a teenage guy who tries to ask a girl out on a date for the first time. He may be so used to believing he is inferior to her, that any change in this belief will cause him great inner tension. So, he’ll end up not asking her out because of his belief system and fear of that inner tension. But this tension isn’t a bad thing because it is just a response to a person persuading themselves to do something that they wouldn’t normally do.

If a person can persuade themselves to experience a new situation like this, that inner tension turns into a calm feeling. That is the power of self persuasion. The bad feelings come first but after you face up to them you will become a stronger and more confident person.

If a person doesn’t put themselves in situations where they take risks or feel inner tension then they won’t enhance their self persuasion abilities. Without self persuasion, people will never advance in their lives or achieve their dreams. Sometimes a person is placed in a situation where they are forced to change their ways by using self persuasion. A perfect example of this is when a person goes to prison. You may be a criminal who is not used to following rules or having any kind of discipline placed upon you. But, when you go to prison you are forced to obey the correctional officers or else you get punished. Someone in this situation will forcibly use self persuasion in order to adapt to this kind of environment. It is almost like a survival mechanism.

We need self persuasion in order to change ourselves and our lives. Most people can never do this on their own. If you live the same kind of lifestyle day in and day out then you will never be able to change your ways. You will be used to a set routine and your mind will be set on that routine which doesn’t change. Since it doesn’t change then you won’t change either. Self persuasion has to have change coming from somewhere in your life in order for you to effectively use it.
Sometimes in life you don’t have a choice but to face up to change, but other times the opportunity for change is an option that you can decide to take. Like previously mentioned, most people shy away from change when they have a choice because the inner tension is uncomfortable.

The only way somebody can overcome this is to work on their self confidence. Have you ever noticed that people who prefer an organized and routine lifestyle tend to have depression or low self esteem? There is a reason for this. They think of themselves as failures and that everything they do will not work out. So, they never end up doing anything new and just stick to the things they know they’re good at. These types of people have a low amount of self persuasion. In order for them to change they will need to build up their self confidence. The treatment for this would be similar to the treatment of depression and anxiety. Therapeutic treatment and possible medication could help.

A person might also want to try exercising as well because that has physiological effects that help you feel better in general. If you are able to increase your self confidence then you can take advantage of change and this will increase your abilities of self persuasion.

Self persuasion takes time and effort to master. You may experience times of forced change where you need to use self persuasion to adapt, but in order to master self persuasion you have to take advantage of optional changes as well. Overcome your fears and low self confidence by throwing yourself into new situations. After you do this for awhile then you’ll start to notice more positivity in your life and the ability to persuade yourself into doing more things that you wouldn’t have normally done before. The important thing to remember is listen to yourself and your inner voice, which is another term for your subconscious. You should trust that before trusting anybody else. People love to persuade others into doing what they want and the only defense mechanism against this is self persuasion. Of course, this applies to situations where you have a choice. If you don’t have a choice then self persuasion can be used to simply adapt in the most comfortable way.

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