It is easy to find an expensive camera with a protruding lens in almost every hand nowadays. With time, the purchase of Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) cameras has seen a rise. Everyone is experimenting and taking photographs and putting their aesthetic sense to test. You might be able to find some outstanding piece of art by an amateur photographer. However, most of the people will produce very basic photographs that fail to appeal to the senses.

Being a photographer has a lot more to it than just owning a DSLR. As they say, a DSLR doesn’t make one a photographer. However, if you are passionate about photography, then allow yourself to invest in a good camera.

Why Buy a Camera?

So you don’t know exactly how to take good photographs but you can appreciate the work of others. This means that you understand the angles and the beauty that a photograph captures. When you visit a gallery and observe works of great photographers, you will hear many onlookers say ‘what’s special about that?’

These are individuals who will criticize the work of others but not step out of the house to produce a piece of art that is special. Therefore, if you are not of these individuals, then you should collect money, hunt for a suitable camera and buy it. If you believe in appreciation of beauty, you will be able to do wonders.

Experimenting and Learning

Using a camera looks like a simple and easy task, but when you really fix your eye to a view finder and hold your breath to take a shot, you will be amazed to see how difficult it is to capture everything into a moment. Therefore, as an amateur, know that what you will be experimenting with your camera and learning how to use it. If you are well versed a photographer, you already know the importance of experimentation in the field of photography.

Along the way as you experiment and learn, you will realize that your creative side will be unleashed. Imagine the following. There is a raindrop on a leaf that is in your garden. You cannot just randomly capture this moment. It has to be well thought through. Zooming in on the right element, noiseless background, rule of thirds and the like, everything has to be paid attention to. Therefore, as you experiment you make use of almost all of your senses.

Building the Moments

Slowly, photographer move forward from capturing single static moments to capturing dynamic moments. Building a story through photographs in such a manner is known as photo journalism. It is the art of writing a story with ones camera. Everyone, who today is a professional photographer, started off with basics and honed their skills at the art of photography.

Photo journalism and Creativity

Photo journalism requires thorough practice and skills. One is required to have a keen eye for details and a mind that stays active and vigilant. It is the responsibility of the photographer to dictate the story to the world in actions contained in one frame.

Media and Photo Journalism

Media photo journalism has its own creative streak. The best example can be of the opening ceremony for the Olympics. Many things happen at the same time and for a still photo to capture all the colors and the taste of the event is a difficult task. This is where the creativity of the photographer can play a very important role.

The photographer has to make sure that every detail that the world wants should be provided. Besides, they should also keep a keen eye on things that the world would like to see. Therefore, one’s own creative streak is very important in the world of media.

Weddings and Photo Journalism

At wedding, photo journalism is now a popular concept. Couples hire photographers who can document their special moments through pictures. From the moment that the couple separately walks down the aisle to the time of the vows and beyond, everything is capture through wedding photo journalism.

Without requesting a couple to pose and managing to capture them in a candid fashion can be the best wedding gift. Here, once again, it is the creativity and the keen eye of the photographer that puts a smile on the face of those who view the photographs.

Touching Lives with Photo Journalism

Let’s take the example of some of the most popular photo journalism moments in history. A photograph was taken during the Saigon execution in the year 1968 that shows an authority figure pointing a gun at an innocent civilian. The photograph has managed to capture an event of history that tells a story of the brutality that civilians in Saigon once faced.

Imagine the amount of vigilance and courage that the photographer had for capturing this moment that speaks volumes even after approximately 45 years. If the photograph gets you thinking, then it has touched upon your life as well. In reality, anything that gets you thinking indirectly enhances your creativity.

Connection between Photo Journalism and Creativity

In a nutshell, photo journalism is an art that can only be learned over time. It does help boost creativity and enhance the cognitive thinking process. Analogically, it is like hunting. You keep your eyes and other senses ready for details and process everything that lies in your vision. As soon as you see an opportunity, you point and shoot. Now, there will be chances that you miss the prey by millisecond, or that you hunt it down successfully. Whatever the case might be, it affects positively the functioning of your brain.

In case you are unsuccessful, you will actually learn where you made a mistake. You will calculate the delay, your angle, your distance from the prey and so on. In short, you will work towards being more precise the next time. However, if you are successful, you are likely to only get better at it with the passage of time. You will be such an expert that your naked eye will be able to lay out the plan for you.

Therefore, if you have a passion for photography and are an amateur or if you already are a photography connoisseur, pick up your camera and engage in photo journalism to boost your creativity.

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