How often do you get in your own way when it comes to having the best possible life? The forms of self-destruction are different and many. You may only be adamant about small changes, not taking the important big steps. Or are you whining and complaining, going back and forth between rigor and laziness? Are you committing to certain health changes but never trying to make the others? Most people feel good about their positive choices but run away when it comes time to look at the half measures—the choices they carried only halfway or didn’t even attempt.

Perhaps you fear success because you don’t like change or you don’t believe you deserve a wonderful life. You think that only the lucky few have great lives. But the fact is that you won’t be truly satisfied unless you pursue success like you need to breathe. Why? How many unsuccessful people do you see smiling all the time? Not many. Success is a needed part of every person’s life.

Here are some tips to go after success:

  1. Set goals: Before you begin any journey, you have to know where you are going. The same is for success. You must decide what you believe success is and what you want to achieve. Take some time and picture yourself as the person you want to be and in the situation you think you should be in. Making this mental image is probably one of the best time investments you will ever make. Then write down your goals, set a deadline for accomplishment, and be sure to write in the present, positive tense.
  2. Plan for the goal’s completion: Once you have determined what you want to do, map out your route of action.
  3. Review your plans and targets daily: You should aim to push your goal into your subconscious to get that mental computer working on accomplishing your goals 24/7. The best way to do this is by musing about your plans, visualizing them, and reviewing them repeatedly.
  4. Change your mind’s programming to no longer think about problems, just solutions: Nothing hurts your motivation more than negativity. You will naturally face problems in reaching your goal. It won’t be a straight shot to success. But instead of lingering on problems, begin considering solutions, because a solution is positive. By doing this, you will learn how to overcome obstacles to find success. You can use every roadblock to learn, improve, and focus on your future.
  5. Listen to the reasons you want to succeed, because this will help you stop adversity:  by knowing every reason you want to succeed, you have an incredible amount of motivation. The more reasons you can add to your list, the better. Spend some time on this, and you will save yourself trouble later on.
  6. Study your profession one hour a day: If you know more than a lot of people, you will be able to put your newfound knowledge to work, producing more favorable results.
  7. Take action: You won’t be able to accomplish anything unless you take action. Once you finish your plans, begin your journey to success.

You now have an understanding of how to reach a goal. But how do you go about achieving a successful life? Andrew Carnegie wrote, “The great successes of life are made by concentration.” Though he was talking about careers, the same technique can be applied to leading a successful life. You have to consider what you want and how you plan to get it. Here are some tips on living a successful life:

  1. Make goals you can achieve (reflecting back on #1 above): The author Maxwell Maltz wrote along the lines of “The human mind requires goals to work efficiently. People are meant to succeed.”
  2. Be ready for opportunities: An email someone shows you might lead you to get a new, better job. Be open to what other people tell you. You don’t know what might encourage you to take a new path that will bring you the success you want.
  3. Make a point of helping others whenever you can: Volunteer and donate to local charities, and be willing to help out your family and friends. By altruistically giving, you attract positivity into your life. It will also help you through tough times.
  4. Learn from your mistakes and failures: They give you an opportunity to study where you wandered from your path of success. Try to remember that no disappointment can bring you down unless you allow it to. If negative thoughts start to discourage you from getting success, stop what you are doing, inhale deeply, count to 10, and think positive thoughts.
  5. Take care of yourself: a healthy mind, soul, and body are required to live a successful life.
  6. Avoid substances, like alcohol and drugs because they numb the mind and keep you from concentrating on your success.
  7. Always keep learning. A successful life comes from constantly stretching your comfort zone.
  8. Learn time management: this includes goal setting, prioritizing, planning, and scheduling. When you have mastered these skills, you will see that you are better organized and more efficient. By learning time management, you can improve your productivity. Try to eliminate distractions or interruptions. Begin by turning off your cell phone when you don’t need it on and resisting the urge to check your email every ten minutes. If someone interrupts you while you are busy doing a task and asks you to do something for them, politely say “No,” unless the request is important. A simple way to avoid distractions and interruptions is to let people know when you are available and when you aren’t. A lot of people find that using devices like personal digital assistants, called PDAs, help them manage their time and goals effectively.

To pursue success, you have to believe you deserve it. No one deserves to be unhappy and depressed. If you think you do, you need to look into why you think that and why another person is telling you so. It might be a good idea to see a therapist if the problem persists. You can lead a successful life and have success in everything you do if you just go for it and believe in yourself.

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