Have you ever found yourself sitting alone in your room and feeling absolutely bored? Have you ever felt uneasiness in the pit of your stomach while alone and feel completely uneventful? Has there been any moment when you felt like your presence alone with your thoughts could be depressing? If the answer to the above three questions is yes, then it is time you change your perspective!

What is Boredom?

It is the truth that the only person who starts to feel bored easily is the one who gets bored with their own self. They feel an inner voice that tells them that they need to do something to keep themselves mentally occupied. They dread being alone with themselves, because they are like the pitch darkness of the night: hearing the sounds of crickets when one sits alone. This feeling is not uncommon, yet it is very unhealthy as it means that you don’t value your own company enough. If you can relate to this description of boredom or if you feel you have the capability of feeling bored with yourself but along some other lines, then it is time you change your perspective!

How is this Related to Perspective?

Everything is related to ones perspective and viewpoint. Take for example the very basic and simple half empty half full glass theory. How you view the glass shows how you view life. If you say the glass is half empty, pessimism is your way and if you say the opposite optimism is what you thrive on.

In life however, still standing water contained in one place cannot dictate your life. You can easily shift, change or switch your perspective and see things in a new light in a matter of seconds. It’s more about using the brain muscle and thinking a little harder. When you follow this rule, it is possible that you might state that the glass is half empty yet be very much optimistic in several different areas of life.

Analogically, perspective is similar to your spectacles. It’s what you wear and how you want to view things and events. Therefore, at a given moment, when you have your negative spectacles on, your perspective is likely to be tinted with undesirable emotions. However, if you have your happy glasses on, you are likely to view different events with a positive stance.

Do I need a change in Perspective?

When you enter into a conversation with someone and they ask you what you have been doing lately in life and how you have been, they actually look for information to stay updated with your life. They would want you to tell them events and stories that took place during a time period when you were not in touch with them. During such a conversation, two situations can arise. Either the individual on the receiving end of the question starts to lay out their life events and fully update the other individual. Or, the case might be that the speaker states that they have ‘nothing much’ going on in their life. If you are the one who shrugs the shoulder and says ‘nothing much’, then it is time you change your perspective!

Changing the Perspective

The ‘how’ of change in perspective is not an easy task. It has to be undertaken carefully. There will be many individuals who might put in an effort of changing their perspective towards life, but might lose their personality and originality on the way. It is not about being incongruent with your inner self, it is just about changing perspective and finding your life eventful and avoiding the use of ‘nothing much’ as a conversation takes off.

How to change perspective?

Firstly, take a moment and look at what has been going on in your life lately. It does not matter if you are a housewife or a student or a celebrity- everyone’s life has some direction or another. Let’s take the example of a student. As a student, the primary focus of your life will be learning and your life is likely to revolve around the ideas of studies. If someone tries to get into a conversation with you, think of something that you added to your personality lately. Think of any project that you engaged in and completed and talk about that. Modify it in a manner that you capture the interest of the listener. In reality, when you change your perspective and find your life eventful and interesting, you words will effortlessly captivate the listener.

Life and Perspective

Besides trying to look back when it comes to life and discovering events that you can speak about, a better idea is to be proactive, if you feel like you are not doing much in life, step up and do something that interests you. Engage yourself in an activity or thought that makes you feel you have put your life to good use.


Firstly figure out what you like or enjoy doing in life. Once you discover your area of enjoyment and fun, take out time for that particular activity. So, hypothetically, you are a housewife who wakes up at dawn and starts to work and look after the family in many ways and ends her day by tucking everyone into the bed, you might feel that your life is uneventful.

Think about what you like doing. If it’s cooking you enjoy, take out time for yourself and prepare something delicious. Soon, this will become a part of your daily routine and you will realize that you made your life eventful.


The next time you sit alone and think about how bored you are with yourself and how eventful lives of other individuals are, then you need to think more carefully. Instead of steering your thoughts in a negative direction, steer them towards the positive.

So, the next time you are in your own company, think of all the good things you have done and the other good things you’d like to do in the future. When you change your perspective along these lines, you are likely to feel more at peace with your own self.

Change your perspective and you will realize how small events that surpassed your attention previously were in reality interesting bits of your existence.

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