Many people see themselves as amounting to nothing, and believe that everyone around them feels the same way. No matter what little success in life they do get, they don’t feel like they deserve it.

They think that everything good that happens in their life is due to sheer luck and not due to their efforts and hard work. Their pessimistic and negative attitude about themselves is when they reach their low point. It’s time they change this attitude and transform themselves into a confident person who’s secure in their own presence.

Master the Skill to Fake It

Fake it ‘til you make it to a better you! This skill teaches people that confidence can be faked, and gradually, it becomes real. Faking confidence is a skill that helps people reach their full potential, it is a skill that helps them realize that they are worth it, and that they matter. They matter to themselves and shouldn’t care what others think about them.

This positive state of mind will help them succeed at work, school, home, and everywhere they go. Soon, they wouldn’t even know they are faking it because they will become so accustomed to it. Get yourself out of your comfort zone and speak up. Be the person you were always meant to be. Be confident, intelligent, presentable, and irreplaceable. Follow these tips, so you can transform yourself into a better and confident you:

1.     Substitute Your Panic as Excitement

Giving a presentation or speech in front your colleagues can make for a scary situation. Just standing up there on the podium with all eyes on you can send you into panic mode. Panic mode incites lack of confidence and unpleasant thoughts about you screwing up the given task crowds your mind.

You need to push these negative thoughts as far away from your mind as possible. You need to put all your focus on achieving a positive frame of mind. Replace that fear you feel with excitement, and continuously tell yourself that you are capable of doing the task or that you are very excited about getting the opportunity to perform the task. This will help you regain your confidence.

2.     Learn from Failure

Since the beginning of time, parents tell their kids to pick themselves up from failure, learn from it, and get better. People usually forgot such lessons and wind up making the same mistakes repeatedly. After making a mistake, they feel down for days and believe they are not capable of handling pressure or even the simplest task. What they neglect to understand is that no one is perfect, and human error and failure is part of who they are.

The more you learn from your mistakes, the less likely you are to repeat them and more likely to show improvement. Life is a learning process and people should embrace it.

3.     Add Words to Your Vocabulary

Stop telling yourself that you are dumb, you are ugly, or you are dull and weak. You need to trash those words and never revisit them again. If you don’t think highly of yourself, no one will. Stand in front of the mirror and tell yourself that you are good-looking, you are fun, you are brilliant, and you are confident.

4.     Your Body Doesn’t Determine Your Greatness

It doesn’t matter on what size jeans or shirt you wear, what matters is how you present yourself in front of others. Just dress comfortably (and appropriately for the occasion) and wear clothes that fit your body type. When you feel conscious about your weight or body image, you automatically think that everyone in the room is probably judging you and whispering about you.

However, this is all in your head because no one has time to focus all their attention on one person. If you show signs of being conscious and uncomfortable, then they will notice. Therefore, boldly walk into the room with a no care attitude and be comfortable in your own skin.

5.     Don’t be Afraid to Put Yourself Out There

Try to move in different circles. If you reach out to people, you will find that others will find you as appealing and will desire to become friends with you. A person that everyone knows is considered fascinating and popular by his or her peers.

6.     It’s Okay if You Don’t Know Something

Silence is the key for not looking like a fool. If you ever find yourself as part of a discussion that you don’t know much about, maintain your silence. The group will perceive you as lacking interest on the topic. They might move on to the next subject where you can participate equally.

7.     Be Attentive to Details

It never hurts to educate oneself. Thus, when in a discussion, you can add something to the conversation. Pay attention to what people are talking about, read newspapers and blogs, or watch TV. Even if you can’t grasp the whole story, try to remember the important details.

8.     Laugh as a form of Therapy

If you are feeling stressed, then laugh. Laughing is a great cure for anxiety-filled days. Hang out with people or watch TV, do something fun to release stress. When people see you laughing, then know that you can handle the pressure of work, school, or home.

9.     Raise Your Hand

People are afraid to ask others about things they don’t know well about. They think they will look or sound dumb, so it’s better to not ask at all. Asking when you don’t know something increases self-confidence. It tells people that you are not afraid to admit that you don’t know everything.

10.Improve Your Posture

Whether a person knows you or not, when they see you standing up straight with your shoulders back, they automatically assume you are a confident person. Make it a rule not to slouch when standing up.

When standing up your arms should be at your side and not crossed. Crossed arms signal to the other person that you are being defensive and uncomfortable. By relaxing your arms at your side, people will recognize you as being friendly and confident.

You are Confident

Always keep reminding yourself that you are confident, you are the best, and you know what you are talking about, and never ever put yourself down. Adopt these strategies and remember you are your own critic, so constantly give yourself rave reviews.

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