It is very easy to do the wrong thing and follow a negative path in your life. Our souls are influenced by the people who have surrounded us throughout our entire lives. If you grow up surrounded by violence and instability in your household, then chances are you will grow up to be unstable and violent as well. Our natural perception lets us learn from what we see so that we can adapt to our surroundings.

This ends up turning us into the person we become. None of us have a choice when it comes to who raises us as a child, so were forced to make the best of it. Those who end up in a bad family have to work extra hard to become good when they get older. It can be very hard for a person to change their normal ways of thinking because it involves going against the only ideals they have ever known. But no matter how good or bad you’ve had it in your life so far, it is never too late to refine your soul and change yourself for the better.

People should never stop working towards refining their souls. This is a daily process that goes on until the day you die. Don’t expect to ever get to a point where your soul is totally refined. Refinement has to be consistent in your life because outside influences are always going to be there to try and tamper with your soul. If you stop refining yourself then the outside influences will get stronger and turn you into something bad. In other words you could become immoral and unethical, maybe even criminal. It doesn’t matter if you had a great upbringing either. People who were raised with love and affection still need to work on refining their soul every day.

The reason why is negative outside influences are always going to be there and they are powerful enough to damage anyone at any point in their life. Just because you may be a person that had a good upbringing, it doesn’t mean you will have a great adult life. What if you’re a woman who meets a guy that ends up abusing you? That will do a lot of damage to your soul. At this point you would have to take action to refine it or else the damage will ruin your life until you do. Taking the step towards refinement may be scary at first, but afterwards you’ll be glad you did because a healthy soul is worth fighting for.

So, what is the process for soul refinement? When people hear talk about spirituality and souls, they often think about religion and god. You don’t necessarily have to associate these two groups together whenever one of them is mentioned. Spirits and souls are words that can be used as metaphors in your speech. They refer to a person’s personality and mental state. A refined soul means you are able to be a happy person who is kind to others and has love in their heart. Showing kindness is something you should be doing every day because it will help you feel better about yourself.

After all, refinement involves trying to be the best person you can possible be for yourself and those around you. Each day you wake up will be a new day to try and do something great with your life and soul. There is never a limit to how much goodness you can bring to other people’s lives, so never stop trying. It is unfortunate that people don’t always try to be good. Perhaps they let the stresses of life keep them down or they simply have never tried refining their own soul. Then they will make excuses for why they never tried. They might feel that others have never been good to them, so why should they bother being good to anyone? The truth is a person like this will go around carrying anger and hatred, which ends up hurting them more than anyone else. If you go around being good to everybody, regardless of how they treat you, then you will feel good much more often. This comes from making peace with yourself and your soul.
Nobody expects you to always have the strength to refine your soul on your own. As bad as some outside influences are for you, there are also positive outside influences that can help you as well. A perfect example of this would be an alcoholic that goes to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings to seek refinement for their soul, which is being damaged by alcohol. Once somebody becomes an alcoholic, the urge to drink will never go away. This particular type of urge is so strong that it’s impossible to control it on your own. The only solution is to go to these A.A. meetings on a regular basis. These are group meetings where you get to hear stories from other people who have had difficulties with alcohol. You also have the opportunity to share some of your own stories with them.

The whole point of this open communication is to make yourself realize the dangers of your urge and why it is good to stay clean. Communicating with other people is a great form of soul refinement. And just so you know, these types of group meetings are available for people with a variety of problems. It is not just alcohol related. There are meetings for overeating, depression, drugs, sex and any other thing you can imagine that pollutes the soul. Take advantage of whatever kind of help you can get from an outside source. Just make sure they are a good source. You might feel compelled to talk to friends and family about your problem in order to feel better. That is fine, but if they don’t understand the problem you have then their help may be wasted on you. Surrounding yourself with others that have damaged souls like yours is a powerful way towards refinement.


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