People lack a voice and don’t speak up if they believe something is wrong, but when they do, no one takes them seriously. That problem needs to be addressed because their presence in a room needs to be felt and respected by their family, friends, and colleagues. It’s time they start to domineer over others, but at the same time command respect. They need to transform themselves into the alpha leader they were born to be.

Domineer With Respect

A domineering person is defined as a person who enforces their will on others in an arrogant and forceful manner. You don’t want to domineer people in that fashion, instead domineer people with respect and confidence. In order for you to domineer without being arrogant, you need to learn how to domineer with confidence. Provided to you are some common situations teaching people to domineer and overcome confrontational people while emanating confidence:

Arrogance vs. Confidence:  Round 1

An arrogant individual is fueled by ego, and possibly raging hormones, and loves to show-off how strong he/she is. They will not miss a chance to throw a punch, lose their temper, create a scene, and instigate a fight when challenged. On the other hand, a confident man will domineer over others by the contact they maintain and through their body language. They will let the other person know that if the need arises, they will not be afraid to go all in.

Arrogance vs. Confidence:  Round 2

Have you ever seen a grown man throw a childish fit? If you have, then it was probably due to arrogance. When things or situations look bleak, an arrogant person tends to sulk, yell, punch at random objects, and stomps around like a child. A confident domineer will be determined to fix the situation, instead of complaining about it. That doesn’t mean they can’t behave like a child. Their child-like state will come out around those they love like his kids or his wife.

Arrogance vs. Confidence:  Round 3

Aggression seeps through an arrogant person’s pores. If they have a problem with someone or an issue that needs solving, they will use fear and intimidation as a problem-solving method. Most people will be afraid of them, but will they respect them? No! When a confident person walks in the room full of people, people listen. They are determined to solve the issue as quickly and peacefully as possible at the same time being authoritative.

Arrogance vs. Confidence: Round 4

An arrogant person blows the littlest issue out of proportion. They make the issue about them, raise their voice, and start making threats. Okay, so they are defending themselves, but they are looking like a fool doing it. While the confident talker, will mess their opponents mind with words. They will leave their opponents confused, beaten, and they wouldn’t even know what hit them.

You have just learned how to behave in certain situations. However, you still have to learn about possessing a domineering personality that everyone respects.

Transforming Your Personality with These Steps

These steps will help you exhibit a different side to your personality. You will have a personality that people will look up to, instead of walking all over it. You will command direction and respect. You will transform yourself. You will know how to be authoritarian, but still command respect. If you want to bring about a change in your personality, the following steps will help you achieve it:

1.     Relaxed Posture

A relaxed posture signifies to others that you are in complete control of the situation. If you remain stiff then people will perceive as being nervous. During an intense fight or discussion, your assertive body language will let people know who the alpha leader in the room is.

2.     Smile Slyly

A sly smile will let people know that no matter what they say, your decision will be final. A sly smile indicates strength, persuasion, control, and agreement. People will do exactly what you tell them to do and people will know not to mess with you.

3.     Speak Loud

Remember not yell, but raise your voice enough to declare dominance. Don’t be indecisive when speaking or when making a point, instead be direct and get to the point fast. Next time, when you see yourself involved in a discussion where you know you are right, then be confident and loud.

4.     Listen

Sometimes, it’s better to stand back and listen to the other person speak. Especially, when you know that you are right and they are wrong. Why waste your energy by arguing with a person who’s making a fool out of themselves. You can make a few witty points here and there, but in the end, they will feel stupid. People witnessing the argument will have a whole new respect for your domineering personality.

5.     Take the Right Decisions

By making the correct decisions, your peers will look towards you for advice. Developing this habit will increase your standing amongst people because they know you always make the correct decision. Also, remember to say no to decisions you don’t perceive as right. Your stern rejection to a decision may turn off some people, but they will know that you think with your own mind.

6.     Don’t be too Polite

Everyone knows that a nice person, in the future, is taken advantage off. Be nice, although to an extent. Don’t participate in things you don’t want to say yes to. People who can’t say no are considered as weaklings and you want to show them your domineering side.

7.     Stay Humble

How can being humble help a person trying to lead others? When you are humble, you appear stronger more in control, and people respect you more. For instance, a meek person is trying to start a fight with you, all your friends surround, and they expect you to knock him out in one punch.

However, you startle your opponent and them by telling him that, you know how this is going to end and they know how it is going to end, so why not just walk away from the situation altogether. Thus, reemphasizing your dominance in front of your friends, opponent, and strangers surrounding you.

8.     Have a Goal

Always remember to complete the goals you set for yourself even if they are smallest goals. Knowing what you want in life will help you accomplish a lot in the future. As you get used to getting what you want in life, you will strive not settle second to anyone.

9.     Domineer and Command Respect, Not Fear

The last thing you want is people to fear you. You want them to respect your domineering personality, not loathe it. You have to show them that you will support them, keep their secrets, give them advice, and listen to them. They will appreciate your domineering behavior, but will see you with respect and not fear.

Being domineering doesn’t mean you have to instill fear in others, but it means that you are person that knows how to be in command of their lives. People will respect you whether you are at work, at school, at home. You will exhibit such control over situations that people will view your domineering qualities in a positive way and your presence will be respected.

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