Trying something new is a challenge, but it is a fun challenge. Definitely, it is likely to make you awkward because you will grasp attention and feel like all eyes are on you. So what? Whenever you step up and try something new, all eyes will be on you. This is how the world revolves and makes the adventurous ones awkward. However, once they realize that the new deal is fun and trending, it won’t even take them a second to try it out themselves.

Understanding Awkwardness

Although many will feel a sense of awkwardness, it is important to understand the true feeling. There will be many individuals who will start to feel ashamed of trying something new, fearing about what others will say. Awkwardness is like a curtain between you and something new that you wish to try. Slide the curtain aside and slip yourself into something new. However, a sense of shame is like a concrete wall. Indeed, it is tough to bring the concrete wall down and it will stop you from being adventurous.

Hence, you need to understand what exactly you feel. Feeling ashamed of trying something new? Stand in front of the mirror and tell yourself that there is nothing to be ashamed of. Calm down those nerves and that racing heart.  Tell yourself that it will not be a black mark on your personality or your image.

Do it Yourself First

If you are planning to try out a pair of multicolored pants that you have never seen any of your friends wear, then think about what possibly could be the worst remark that can come your way? Will they call you a clown? If you think they will, then step up and do it yourself first. When you meet with your friends take the liberty of being awkward. Tell them that you feel like a clown and were skeptical about wearing these pants.

Two possible outcomes can come your way. Either your friends will defy your point of view and say how nice you look, or they will agree with your awkward statement and say that you indeed look like a clown or some other multicolored creature. The first response will serve as a consolation; you will find a means of relaxing yourself and the awkwardness will ease out. However, in case the second response comes your way, the impact of the negative remark will actually be alleviated because you made fun of yourself before anyone else could say a word. That will ease out the awkwardness too and allow you to laugh at yourself without feeling ashamed. Remember, there will be awkwardness, but at least you will not feel guilty for trying out those pants.

Being Confident

If you are one of those who are very confident and tend to radiate a sense of comfort, then you can easily give an impression that your act or behavior is too main stream. If there is a new design of glasses that you wish to try, then do so with confidence. Try to make others, who are still sporting the old styles, feel that they are not updated with the new trend and are missing out on something worth trying. If you do this, no one will reach the awkwardness that rests inside you for trying something new.

The Right Time

It is important to figure out the right time and place to try something new. For instance, if you wish to try a new style of makeup that you learnt on the internet, then do so in an environment, place, location etc where you are likely to attract the least form of attention. Try a new shade of red lipstick at a more informal place first where you know you can ignore the glances that come your way. Additionally, no rule states that you cannot let go of the new style at any point in time. Hence, whenever you feel that the new lipstick is making you too awkward or uncomfortable, remove it. Once you do that, at least you can proudly tell yourself that you tried. The next time a friend questions you about the trend, you can boldly say ‘oh I tried that, but it’s not my thing.’

Being Innovative

Whether it’s a new dressing sense you adopt or a new hair style you try, know that being innovative can help you in many ways. Trying something new is not limited to appearance; you can actually be innovative and try something new at your workplace. It is a fact that many individuals enjoy a sense of autonomy and independence at the workplace and tend to reach new heights and gain fame. Hence, know that your awkwardness might be coming between you and something great that you deserve.

Reading the Attention Right

Understand the attention and glances that come your way. Whenever you try something new, it is easy to feel that you are attracting negative or unpleasant energy. However, this is not true every time. In reality, it is the awkwardness that makes you feel that way. However, there will be several times when you might not realize that the something new you tried is turning heads your way. When you get the attention, try to read the body language of the onlooker. It is easy to pick if someone is shooting appreciative glances your way.

Comfort First

Being awkward while trying something new does not mean that you lose your sense of comfort in the process.. You should be your main priority. Putting yourself through something, just to try out a new idea, is completely discouraged.

Coming out of one’s box is actually quite thrilling. The idea that you will try something new will make you look forward to the idea. You will be scared but you will not loath yourself if the result is negative. Know that awkwardness can easily be dealt with courage. Try something new and be awkward while loving yourself!

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