Surrounding yourself with different people gives you a chance to get different perceptions about life and view the world through different angles. It is a way to soothe your inner-self and bring peace to your soul, especially if these different people are positive people who only have positive energy and aura to give out.

Oprah Winfrey said, “Surround yourself only with people who are going to lift you higher.” If you reflect on what Oprah said, incorporating this in your life is what will truly make you happy. Sometimes, the relationships and people we have around us are just our comfort zone. They do not necessarily make us happy, but we stick to them anyway because we feel comfortable and used to them. The fact of the matter is, finding happy people is essential for our own happiness, because happiness is contagious.

These happy and positive people encourage and uplift you. Negative people on the other hand just drain you and fill you up with negative energy. This makes you more frustrated and unmotivated. Spiritual growth is more or less related to this aspect. Positivity around you will help you grow spiritually, learning from different people along the way and incorporating different values that you’ve learnt within yourself. Increase your own awareness and your positive vibration by making a conscious effort with positivity around you.

People To Surround Yourself With

One must always be cautious of the type of people one surrounds themselves with. Life is too short to be among the people who constantly whine and complain about life, or those who do nothing productive with their lives. It is your life at the end of the day and therefore it is up to you how you spend it. Spending time with people who add no value to your life is in itself a waste of time. The following are the best sort of people you can surround yourself with:


Idealists know that you can reach your true potential no matter what. They strive to achieve the maximum out of a situation because they see the complete bigger picture.


These people ‘do’ as opposed to just say. They are implementers and executers of whatever strategy they have in place. These positive people believe in the importance and worth of doing tasks that are important to get ahead in life.


Givers are the unselfish people who care about humanity and are selfless. They care for others and actually want to do good in the society.


Dreamers are the people who are full of optimism and dream of a better world. They fill themselves and those around them with positive energy.


Lovers love the people around them and speak highly of them. They disregard the negatives in people and focus on their positives thus showing that they make a conscious effort to make people feel better about themselves and always emit positive energy.

Surround yourself with these kinds of people, who are happier and who therefore make others around them happy.

Benefits Derived from Different and Positive People

Happy people uplift your mood. They are your key to bringing out the best in yourself and they do this through the following:

Helping Release Fear and Enhancing Love

Fear is bad because it clogs up your energy and reduces your focus for the more positive things in life. It is usually caused by worry, stress, anger, confusion, or frustration. Happy people send out their positive energy to you so that you forget about this fear and replace it with love and trust.


Positive and good people make you aware of the blessings around you. They help you realize that for every negative there is a positive around you that replaces it. Being grateful about the good things in life is what gratitude is all about.

Removing Unhappiness

The positive people focus on the things that make them happy. It could be a bunch of things like exercising and meditation, eating healthy, watching something funny, being creative or doing something constructive, or just simply talking to great people around you. Incorporating things that make you happy, especially when you are alone, is what happy people teach you to do. According to them, there should be no room for negativity around you.

Enhanced Thinking Capabilities

By meeting different people, you improve your thinking and your overall perception about life. Different people give you an opportunity to learn and develop yourself and you can learn about the best things in life through people.

Happy people make you think, they make you wonder, and they make you realize that this life is not just about yourself, but thinking about others in the process is also very important.

Strengthening Your Spiritual Magnetism

The more people we meet in our life, the more open our minds become. This is because we stop seeing the world from a single perspective, and open our minds to a whole new ways of thinking. Our spiritual magnetism is affected by the core essence of the thinking pattern that we adopt. You can strengthen your spirituality by tuning in to the good company around you who have good things to offer you. Similarly, if you are a good human being, and do good for other, you will remain positive.

At the end of the day, you are who you hang out with. The company you decide to keep is what will mould you into the person you will become. Make a conscious effort to be around and cherish the people who love you, inspire you, and are kind, generous and most importantly, positive.

You should develop these qualities too so that people may want to be around you as well. Your physical and mental health should be your top priority. Surround yourself with the right people, and start on a fulfilling journey to a better life.

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