A spiritual vacation is commonly referred to as a spiritual retreat. Even though the word retreat brings to mind synonyms such as escaping and avoiding, the truth about a spiritual retreat/vacation is very different. Indeed, it is a form of escape, but from the everyday stresses, predicaments and anxieties.

Take this Mini Spiritual Vacation

Try the following exercise to feel a mini vacation at this very moment. Find a secluded spot in the house. Spread a mat on the spot and lay down on your back and keep the following narrative in mind:

Close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Inhale, expand your stomach and take all the air in. Now exhale and move your stomach in slowly. Concentrate on your breathing and continue to deep breath like this. Feel the air move in through your nostrils and reach your lungs. Now feel your hands. Focus on them. Contract them and then relax them. Feel them contract and relax gradually. Now concentrate on your feet and do the same. Bring back your attention and focus on your breathing. Slowly, very slowly open your eyes and bring yourself back to the present.

Being Still

During your mini spiritual vacation mentioned above, you were in a form of stillness. Lying in one spot allows one to be contemplative. The silence and peace of the moment opens gates to the mode of relaxation and helps one connect with their inner self.

Meditation and relaxation, as mentioned above, is only method of relieving stress. As you retreat away from the outside world to pay attention to the universe inside you, it becomes possible to build an emotional connection with the self. When you bridge the gap between your real self (how you are and what you do) and ideal self (how you want to be and what you want to do), your emotional stability escalates. Spiritual vacation is a gateway to a fulfilling life.

It is a Vacation of a Different Kind

When you take a leave from work, pack your bags and head out to a resort with your family for a week’s time period, it is possible for you to return not only with a tan but with a bad mood and a monetary disadvantage. It in no way implies that you should abandon the idea of a vacation. However this time, take your body, mind and the soul on a spiritual vacation.

It is a different kind of a vacation as you pack the bags for your inner most self as well. Sometimes when we go on a vacation to explore a different city, there is also a tiny bit of restlessness. You wish to sweep the entire city in one visit and take in every nook and corner in a single gulp. When on a spiritual vacation, however, you involve every element related to the self and find calm, peace and inspiration for the soul. You don’t feel restless, but there is an energy that propels you to be mindful and engage in inner reflection.

Everyone deserves a spiritual vacation; hence, the options available cater to the needs and requirements of many. You will be able to find many retreat centers and organizations that provide services and environments for spiritual vacationing. Here is a list of retreats and the environments where they can be attained:

The Inner Reflection

Truly connecting with the souls and finding solace in activities such as sitting in a spiritual library or listening to spiritual music. Utilizing healing services such as Reiki, or staring at the stars at night or any other activity that gives space for thinking can result in inner reflection.

Couples Retreat

Allowing the soul a spiritual vacation with your partner can not only be a source of energy for the self but also a way of strengthening the connection with your mate. Building communication techniques and maintaining a passionate relationship through an island retreat, couple yoga, hiking or the like is a great idea.

Transformation of Childhood

Freudian theory states that the period of infancy and childhood are the roots of emotional hardships one faces at later stages of life. Once the roots are discovered, healthy transformation becomes inevitable. In the transformational retreat, the focus is on changing the outlook towards life. Therefore, when you undergo a massage or hypnotherapy, you introduce a stream of positivity as you look back to the impeding childhood events.

Similarly, corporate, group and healing retreat are three other methods of engaging in a spiritual vacation. Besides the aforementioned technique, individuals can self actualize and transcend by swimming, biking, canoeing, drawing, riding a horse or completely immersing the self in a creative task.

Why you Deserve it?

You might like the idea of spiritual revival and of being your own tranquilizer. It is believed that every tangible object, intangible concept and abstract element in the universe is vulnerable to wearing away at some point in time. Everything needs renewal. Similarly, the soul and spirituality regularly needs restoration.

Everyone has a different reason for craving spiritual nourishment and everyone is likely to make of the experience differently. Imagine sitting in a forest, surrounded by tall lush green trees. You are likely to leave with some sort of an emotional baggage behind you. However, how you describe that baggage varies greatly.

It might be anxiety you would like to ward off or some other kind of worry or fear. You might need time in solitude to figure out where your relationship is heading or to slowly and gradually talk yourself out of an unhealthy addiction. Others might be fighting with depression or phobias and there will also be those who just want to take a break and evolve and grow into better human beings.

Connecting with the soul is like tackling obstacles to feel stronger and empowered. You find the courage and the strength to believe in yourself and look at life in a new light. Spiritual retreat, as obvious by now, is not synonymous to meditation. If you feel a sense of empowerment and transcendence while you play football, because your mind, body and soul are captivated in the task, that will be your spiritual vacation.

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