Do you Day Dream?

Not everyone will dare to day dream. Some might see it as a waste of time while others might consider it as a means of escaping the reality. For those who do not appreciate the value of day dreaming might be wasting time and escaping reality. However, there are others who understand the true essence of living in a world created in their heads.

What exactly is Day Dreaming?

Everyone knows about Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings and other similar movies and books that fall under the genre of fantasy. There is a great fan following for their story line, characters, plot etc. Millions of children and adults from around the globe have a great deal of appreciation for these movies and books that revolve heavily around someone’s imaginary world.

“Fantasy is just another form of daydreaming” ~ Leslie Dean Brown

When you fantasize about something, you start to live in a different world in your own head. That world in your head might be of great value. The genre of fantasy books and movies is fuelled by individuals with a capacity to dream big, without any boundaries or limitations. Their minds are vivid and their creativity and talent has managed to bring entertainment and joy around the globe.

Linking Creativity and Day Dreaming

Creativity is to day dreaming as food is to the survival; it feeds the mind and allows fantasy to enter unlimited directions. Did you know that with a strong imagination, it becomes easier to think along abstract lines? A famous theory in the field of psychology put forward by Jean Piaget states that the last stage of evolvement and growth of the mind is reached when an individual becomes capable of thinking along abstract line.

What are those Abstract Lines?

Known as the formal operational stage of the cognitive developmental stages, the individual becomes capable of thinking about unreal things. Here, the mind can build situations that have never taken place or think about potential or future relationships. For instance, if you plan on leaving for college this summer then you might be building mental scenarios about college life already. That’s the part where you day dream and fantasize and build a mental imagine of your college.

Being careful with the Abstract

It is important to keep in mind that the way you day dream can effect greatly the manner in which you respond to future events, relationships and situations. For instance, if you are dreading some aspect of your college life and that negative element is magnified in your head, chances are that your first impression of the new place will be tinted with fear.

Why put yourself through this? Take a moment and try the following. Imagine your college campus and focus on the beauty of it. Magnify the edifice or the lush green grass or the heartwarming sight of the trees. Take a moment and imagine the sunlight falling gently on your cheek while you walk along with a friend. Imagine yourself with a smile and do not forget to add a white element to your dream. Imagine yourself wearing white clothes or surrounded by white flowers, as it is likely to have a soothing effect.

Hypnosis and Day Dreaming

Hypnosis is shrouded in great rumors because of the dramatization the media adds to the entire process. In reality, it is a method of accessing the subconscious and controlling and altering the thought process. There are many self hypnosis techniques and strategies that can have a life changing impact.

Try the following. Lie down on bed and close your eyes. Lie down straight with your hands by your sides and keep your feet straight. Relax yourself and your body. If there are any tight muscles, loosen them up. Make sure that you are physically comfortable. Now focus on the mind and the thought process. Empty the mind and try to think about nothing other than yourself in that particular relaxation mode.

Now think about the event, situation, circumstance, relationship etc that has been a source of great stress. Engage in a self dialogue and build your strength against that stress or that negative aspect. This is the point where fantasizing, day dreaming or imagination will be of great assistance. Manipulate the negativity and transform it into something positive. Think about the ideal way of dealing with the stress and day dream away. Hence, when stress crosses your path again, the day dream implanted in the subconscious will help deal with the situation.

Day Dreaming the Right Way

Know what you are dreaming about. It is true that earlier on society discouraged the idea of day dreaming believing that it was a time when an individual was not contributing to the society. It was considered as an act of sitting idle. Additionally, it was also discouraged to save people from falling into a psychotic state and losing touch with reality. If your day dream has no purpose, then you might want to revisit your fantasy world later with something useful.

“Visualization is day dreaming with a purpose” ~ Bo Bennett

Find a purpose for your day dream. Have you ever heard of multinational companies having a vision of their own? This vision is based in the work of an individual who spent time day dreaming about building a company with a particular objective. If your day dream has a purpose, you are heading in the right direction.

In case you feel you are not walking in the right direction, take out time and find out what you are passionate about. Think about it, day dream about it. Get an idea of what you enjoy doing the most. Once you find out your true forte, a purpose will be added to your day dreams.

Why Day Dream?

As a gist of the entire story mentioned above, it helps you in the following manner:

  • Helps build imagination and cultivate creativity
  • Allows you to believe in yourself
  • Helps you manage your stress and prepare boldly for the future etc

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