What is life? Why are we alive? What is the reason of our existence? In our busy lives, do we ever have the time to answer these questions? Are we just born to earn money, eat, drink, sleep and die?

We are human beings. We are different from all the creatures that live on this planet. Our superiority is not based on strength but on the basis of our capability to think, learn and grow. That is what differentiates us from other animals. This is what makes us human.

When we were born, our minds were like empty storage devices, which is why they stored the simplest of information. Within a matter of weeks a baby is capable of recognizing his mother/caretaker. After a few months later, he learns how to crawl. A year down the lane and he starts talking and walking around.  He goes to school, college and after that does he just stop learning?

Why? Is it because we think we know enough? Do we? Socrates, a great philosopher one said, ”True knowledge exists in knowing that you know nothing.”

And there is so much to learn that even if we spend our whole lives learning at the rate that we started learning as babies, we’ll only be able to gain a mere fraction of knowledge available to us. Think about it like this; if explorers stopped exploring, scientists stopped experimenting and there were no more new discoveries or developments how stagnant would this world become?

Your brain is developed in such a way that you can learn continuously. Then why waste that talent? Here I would like to quote Ghandhi. He said, “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”

Add a Purpose to Your Life

You are a human being. You are a superior creature. Act like one! Your life should have a purpose. Take out time every day or at least every week to consciously learn something new. You will soon feel like your life has a purpose and some depth. Instead of wasting hours lying in front of the TV that fails to satisfy your hunger for entertainment, try learning something new or read books to increase your knowledge. Nothing can beat the pleasure of that ‘Aha!’ moment. A short moment of feeling proud of what you know. The more you learn, the better you will understand the world around you. Learning changes your perspective of looking at things. This makes things interesting and you do not get bored. Those ‘Eureka’ moments keep you motivated and happy.

Those in their early twenties should ask themselves if they are the same person they were a year ago. With major life events, education, rapid technological growth and other changes, there is no way you can stop learning and still cope with everything that is happening. It is necessary to keep learning to keep up with the fast paced world.

Learning and Mental Health

Did you know learning new things keeps your mind active and healthy? When you concentrate, memorize and think, it helps your brain cells exercise and keeps them active. Brain cells work best when utilized. Those who are constantly involved in learning have lower chances of suffering from mental illnesses like Alzheimer’s disease.

Furthermore, if you are focused on learning something you enjoy, you can fight off stress related illnesses.

To Success and Beyond

Lifelong learning brings success. Because growth and success go hand in hand and learning new things helps you grow. A degree is only good enough to get you a basic job. It is experience and excellence that makes you grow in your field. And what is experience? It is the knowledge gained by working in that specific environment. You get hired because you know the ins and outs of your specific field. This is why doctors, engineers and even business personnel are encouraged to attend training sessions and workshops to enhance their skills and learn the new concepts and methods introduced in their respective fields. Otherwise, the methods you use will become outdated and you will lose your competitive edge.

Set Personal Goals

Based on what you want to learn – either to satisfy your intellectual needs or to excel in your field, set goals for yourself. Reward yourself after you achieve every goal. This way, you can motivate yourself to become great. Set goals for every week, month and year. The following year, you will see yourself as a better person.

Here are a few ways you can enjoy yourself and widen your scope of knowledge at the same time.


Traveling teaches you a lot, be it for leisure or business. It gives you a firsthand experience of dealing with all types of situations. You meet people from all over the world from different cultures. You learn about new cultures. Adopt the good things you’ve learned, in your life. Go visit a new country or simply go visit a new city. And earn all the knowledge the city has to offer.


Taking up a new hobby can open doors to a whole new world. Discover your own talent and learn about new things. Make new friends. Go for wine tasting, skiing or just join a book club.

Or Simply Start Reading

Most people don’t read. Take out time to read every day. In the beginning, you will have to struggle and force yourself but with time, you will get hooked. Read a book you are interested in. Or just read the newspaper. Your general knowledge will increase tenfold by reading a few insightful articles every day. Read about cars, tech stuff, makeup, art, and politics. Read about anything you are interested in. Read blogs, articles, newspapers; just read.

Did you know that reading boosts brain power?


So learning isn’t that hard. You do it sub-consciously. With a little effort and involvement, you can learn and implement what you’ve learned. Make a conscious learning effort. Make your life interesting. Be smart and become smarter! Never stop Learning.

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