Ever heard of the concept of diminishing marginal utility? According to this concept, if you are eating apples, the first apple will provide you the greatest amount of satisfaction. The second time around, it may or may not increase but the third and the fourth apple you have will provide you with little or no satisfaction. According to the concept of diminishing marginal utility, the more you use something the more its utility diminishes.

However, the theory has a lot of limitations, one of which is knowledge and education. No matter how much of it you gain, your thirst for knowledge keeps on increasing as the more you get to know the more you want to find out. In fact, it is considered a sign of wisdom that one considers himself as a person who doesn’t know everything. This is because only a person who doesn’t know everything can be open to all sorts of arguments, ideas and opinions. Those who think they know everything are not open to learning and not willing to accept anything new.

Learning Is Not Restricted

Learning is not restricted to age, gender, an institution, or a specific field. Learning is about discovering what you don’t know. Learning is about understanding what you did not understand. Learning is about you becoming a more knowledgeable person. Learning is about you becoming a better person.

Learning Is About A New And Improved You

We learn with time. Either we step in the game ourselves, or life teaches us lessons along the way. Either way, we have to learn throughout our lives. I’d say it’s better to be prepared than to be forced to learn. Knowledge isn’t only about getting a degree and earning a living. It is also about learning how one should lead his/her life. It’s about learning etiquettes – how one can improve himself/herself and his/her way of living. No one is perfect but no one ever said that you can’t be. You can be the best. Try to reach that level, try to constantly improve yourself.

It’s Never Too Late To Start And Never Enough To Stop

You are never too old to start learning. There is no age limit to learning as it is a lifelong process. You start learning the day you are born. And the day you die should be and is the day you stop. You spend your entire life figuring out what life is all about. Throughout your life, your brain accumulates knowledge intentionally and unintentionally. We pick up all sorts of knowledge through all of our five senses. So why not utilize our life and skills to learn something we would like to learn?

Did you know that learning throughout our lives helps keep our brains active? Those who keep learning have less chances of getting Alzheimer’s disease, of falling into depression, and of getting stressed easily.

Learn a new language or master a skill. Today, learning has been made cheap and easily accessible with technology, the availability of YouTube and a lot of free online and purchasable softwares. Everything is available at your finger tips. So quit making excuses and learn because no matter how much you learn, it’s never enough!

Don’t Be Selfish Pass It On!

Learn whatever you can and gain knowledge from whomever and wherever you can. Increase your knowledge. But never, ever be selfish and keep all of it to yourself. There is no point of having knowledge and not passing it on. Share your knowledge. Teach what you know. Learn what you don’t.

One of the advantages of teaching is that you can revise and go through whatever you already know once again. Teaching a concept requires you to fully understand it yourself first. If any concept was left unclear, it becomes clear when we answer questions asked by the pupil. It is not only good for them but it is also good for us. Knowledge only increases by sharing. As a teacher, you will also be required to update your knowledge and content regularly. Teaching removes the possibility of any doubt. You don’t need a classroom to share the knowledge, you have just share it with whoever is interested. Teach. It’s not just good for those you teach but it’s good for you too.

Keep Learning No Matter How You Do It

You don’t have to go to school to learn; you can learn anything and everything anyway you want. Increase your knowledge. Learn through books, and through the Internet. Hire a teacher. Read the paper. Learn through practically doing things. Learn by talking to people. Always keep learning.

You can learn so much through your phones now. Internet is accessible from almost anywhere now. Watch and learn, read and learn, listen and learn.

Try to learn something new every day. Try and learn a new word, a new dish or about someone new. Every person you meet teaches you something in his or her own special way, either by telling you something or just through his or her actions.

Learning Doesn’t Have To Be Restricted To One Field

Remember playing connecting the dots? By connecting all the dots, you could make a completely new picture that actually made sense. Gaining knowledge is kind of like that. Only there are gazillions of dots and millions of pictures to be revealed, once you connect the dots. The more knowledge you gain, the more dots you can connect. The more dots you connect, the more things will make sense to you. So make sure you learn a little about everything.

Learn something new every day. Try to ponder over things you don’t understand no matter how simple they are. Try to solve these puzzles in your mind. The universe is full of mysteries for the human mind to solve. Get out there, think, and do your research. Knowledge is the gateway to surety from the land of confusion. Explore everything around you that you cannot explain.

Remember to keep an open mind when it comes to knowledge. If you learn a fact, make sure to read the other side of the argument too. This will increase your scope of knowledge and help you decide what is right and what is wrong, on your own.

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