In life we can become distracted by some many superficial things. We often strive for a bigger house, more possessions and more money. In America, people have a fascination with cars and spend thousands of dollars maintaining them. But yet, many Americans neglect their own health and spend very little money maintaining it. They would rather fix their car than themselves. Why do people act this way? Why don’t people strive to improve themselves instead of a piece of machinery? Improving yourself involves fixing both your physical and mental condition. If you look at the average person in an upper class society, like America, you will see they are becoming unhealthier and unhappier with their lives. Now, what reason would they have to be unhappy?

The life in a country full of opportunity and have the resources to better their lives. Instead, they neglect their own physical health with bad nutrition and allow mediocre events to cause them depression. With the physical health, people simply don’t choose the right foods to eat and this bad nutrition causes them to become obese. Then if their physical health is bad it will end up hurting their emotional health because they will get depressed thinking about their physical problems. Then there are those people who are simply in a position in their life that they don’t like to be in and don’t do anything to change it. How did things become this way for people? Why don’t more people simply step forward and make a change in their lives that will improve themselves?

Change is never easy for anybody. When our minds are set to one pattern of thinking, it is very hard to change that pattern. However, change is usually the only way for somebody to improve their life and become happier. In order for somebody to take the first step in changing they have to evaluate their life and think about what they really want to improve about ourselves. Then they need to do everything in their power to try and work towards those goals that they want to accomplish for self improvement.

This should not be a superficial list of goals, like becoming a millionaire or marrying a supermodel. You have to set goals that are realistic and goals that you have the ability in your life to control by putting forth the effort. Self improvement involves being healthy and happy in your life. There really is no better definition for self improvement than that. People are constantly battling their problem with excessive weight gain and obesity. Most never even have the courage to fight this problem or bother learning how to fight it. Any time a person feels like something is hard to do, like losing weight, they will often avoid it all together. Unfortunately, it takes hard work to improve yourself physically. You need to constantly stick to an exercise routine and eat healthy foods every day. But for most people, they want an easier way. You could even call them greedy for having things be easy. These types of people won’t change their eating habits, but instead will look for an alternative method that won’t be hard and will allow them to lose weight.

The truth is there is no such method and they will only be disappoint themselves. But their greed for easiness will overcome their true desire for self improvement.

The classic form of greed is associated with money. People can never get enough money. Even when people are already rich they continue to try and build up more wealth for themselves. It never gets to a point where a rich person stops wanting to make money and instead tries improving themselves for the rest of their lives. Take a look at the very successful rich people, like Donald Trump and Warren Buffett. They are both billionaires, but yet they still continue to make money. They aren’t in the best physical shape either. You’d think with all their wealth that they would have time to worry about taking better care of themselves.

What about the late Steve Jobs who started the Apple Inc. computer company? He died of cancer because he neglected to go to the doctor early on and get treated for the cancer, which would have saved his life. Instead, he let himself die because he was too busy making his billion dollar company even more successful. If Steve Jobs focused more on himself and less on getting more success then he would still be alive today to enjoy everything he had worked for. This is a perfect example of letting greed for money and success override your own well being. Greed can end up killing you like it did with Steve Jobs. There is nothing wrong with working hard at a job, but once you’ve established yourself then you should try focusing on what truly matters in life.

If you have ever seen the movie “Wall Street,” then you are familiar with the quote “Greed is good.” Gordon Gekko was the character who said that and he was referring to money. He took over companies, fired people and sold the companies in pieces just to make more money. Somebody who does this is not improving themselves, they are just hurting other people. Bad greed like this will do just that. You could become so obsessed that you do whatever it takes to get what you want, regardless of who gets hurt. This perfectly represents why greed is not good. The only greed that works well is the greed to improve your well being and state of mind. If your greed is for money and inanimate objects then you are wasting your life. You only get one body and one mind, so why not work to improve them as much as possible? If you have greed for the things that don’t matter then try to take that motivational energy from the greed and use it to improve yourself. It may be a mental challenge, but if you can manipulate that motivation towards something positive then you can improve yourself very quickly.


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