We are extremely busy individuals. Half the time we feel like time is flying by and there’s no stopping it. This in turn hinders our bonding time with our loved ones. I mean there’s always tomorrow right? Every day is the usual statement, “tomorrow I will definitely take out time for my family…” or even better, “I am going to effectively manage my time so I feel enough energy to bond with my family.”

These sometimes tend to become attempts at trying to get out of a family evening because one does not feel like going to them.

Here is the thing, days are going to pass by and you will keep putting this off. And you know why? It’s because you are not prioritizing right. You feel there is always tomorrow, and you always have time for family, but that attitude will not get you anywhere.

Most people feel like family days will keep coming and if we put a few off it is going to be fine, but this way of thinking has its repercussions.

Benefits of Quality Family Time

Your family is the first set of people you see in this world, and the last set when you depart from this world. Most of the things that you learn in this world and your values come from your family. On that note, let’s carry out a little exercise. Imagine a world where everyone was alone, living their own lives, no one there to teach you things from scratch thus having to deal with life’s obstacles on your own. You would not have a clue where to start, and everyone would be looking at each other in utter confusion and despair.

Families are your first source of contact when you come into this world. They teach you, play with you, and cry with you. The protective bond of a strong connected family is crucial for your existence in this world and the happiest of people are those who come from a stable family and who make an effort to spend quality time with their families.

Family time is a way of learning new things. Children, specifically, benefit from family time because various informative topics that come up during family time engage them into meaningful conversations which help expand their little minds. Your family accepts you for who you are and there is no doubt about it. There is absolutely no fear of having to be accepted, because they have accepted you just the way you are, and that bond is unbreakable.

Family time gets you close to other members of your family. It’s not the quantity of time that matters, but the quality of time. Good quality family time, even for 20 minutes, can help reduce stress levels amongst kids and allows parents to give their kids their two cents on life and life lessons. Bonding over day to day activities is a great way to start up a conversation. The most important aspect of family time is to let everyone speak their minds without any judgment or interruptions.

If you do not make the most of family time now, a day will come where you will think of how time flew by so quickly and you didn’t do half of the things you were supposed to do with your family. So if you do not want to feel guilty later on, or do not want to wonder where all this time went, you better start today!

Ways to Spend Quality Family Time

If you have the right attitude and proper time management, then there is no stopping you from that family bonding time that is necessary. You do not have to plan something special each time you decide to spend time with your family. It could be anything from the basic watching a movie at home, to going out for dinner at a restaurant. Other ways to bond with your family could include:

  • Going out for a walk around the neighborhood
  • Going shopping
  • Doing chores together
  • Going jogging together (everybody needs a jogging partner)
  • Going out for a drive
  • Having your meals together
  • Helping your children with their school work

It’s all about Making Time and Building Relationships

If you are parents working full time, you need to know how to take out time for family time. Same goes for the kids. But for the latter, it’s the parent’s responsibility to make children, especially teens, understand that they need to spend time with family, no matter how important other activities are to them. If parents do not instill in their kids the need for family time from the start, it will become very difficult for them later on to bond.

As far as relationship building goes, that comes with meaningful communication and really understanding the other person. This can only happen if you completely devote a certain amount of time to your family. For instance, if you are a parent spending time with your daughter even for 20 minutes, make sure that those 20 minutes are worth it and without disturbances. Switching off your phone and TV is a good start. Create value by making these important things matter. It is only then that successful relationship building can take place.

You will definitely reap a lot of dividends from family time, because you will not just be doing yourself a favor, but you will be doing a favor to other members of your family as well. No one from outside your family will go out of their way to make you feel special. It is only your family who has the capability of doing that. Your family is your greatest strength and emotional support. Be aware of that support and do everything possible to make that bond greater and greater. Because if you do not step up today, it will only be a matter of time that this bond will get weak, which will prove to be counterproductive for everyone in your family.

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