If you find yourself murmuring something like that when the alarm goes off at 7am in the morning or after a long warm bath, a good book, a foot massage and a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows seems like a luxury you don’t have any time for it’s time to think again! Do your superhero duties keep you away from pampering yourself? Soon, this super hero attitude will turn into this grumpy monster out to destroy the world. Before that happens, be selfish and take a breather.


Importance of Being Selfish

You may feel guilty and a little selfish but being selfish is a good thing! You see, it’s a simple equation; selfish people are happy people. Happy people are altruistic and altruistic people are selfless! But you need time for yourself to reach that phase of self actualization.


Me Time Is A Great Way to Deal with Stress

Your body gives out signs to indicate that it needs a break: headaches, dizziness, chest pain, physical or mental fatigue, irritability, change in appetite are some of them. These are all signs of stress. Your body needs a break! Even if your body does not show signs of stress, you don’t have to wait for them to appear before taking a well-deserved rest! Take small breaks, and make them a part of your daily schedule. Do not consider these breaks as a waste of time.


More Energy and Improved Health

You have to understand that there is nothing wrong with being a little selfish and taking care of oneself. Think of it as a favor to others. Taking a break gives you an opportunity to replenish your energy so that you can use it to improve your work and relationships. You should understand that taking a break and resting is as important for your body as food, water and air. By paying attention to the needs of your body, mind and spirit, you are working on your health.


Do It for Your Friends and Family

If you work like a devil for your family and friends, it’s time to turn back and analyze how stress is affecting your relationships. Remember, people who relax and find time for themselves are happy, productive, creative and resilient. Otherwise, they are just irritable and cranky and such people are not fun to be around. Learn to respect yourself and others around you. Take a break for your family and friends and give yourself the attention you need. Only then will you be able to handle the rest of your work like a pro.


To Become Productive and Effective

The most creative ideas hit you while you’re in the shower or during a relaxing walk. Why is that? You get creative because that is your relaxing time. Your brain is more inclined towards innovative and creative thoughts once it gets a break from constant activity. Moreover people who take out time for themselves are more attractive, more productive and attract opportunities and other good things in life.


Figure Out How and Where You Can Make Time

In simple words, prioritize. And put yourself on the top of your priority list. Ever heard of the term YOLO? –it starts with the word ‘You’. YOU are the most important person in your life. YOU don’t have to be Superman or Superwoman all the time or run around like Flash! YOU should appreciate yourself. It’s not wise to be miserable in order to make others happy.


Learn To Say No!

Set limits! Set them for yourself and for others. If you keep letting people take you for granted, they will never appreciate what you do for them. If you think you do not want to or cannot do something – say no and mean it, instead of trying to ‘squeeze it in!’ Don’t let the guilt take over. You have to understand the difference between helping someone and getting pushed over. If you have trouble saying no directly, try saying you have something else scheduled.



Learn to let go! Learn to delegate! If you are responsible for every little thing you do and you have to prove yourself then remember you are also responsible for your happiness and well being. Small chores around the house can be delegated to children. This will teach them to be responsible –a lesson hard to teach otherwise.

If you are exhausted from your hectic daily routine, it’s high time you realize that it’s ok to ask for help once in a while. Also it is alright to hire help. Hire a house cleaning service or a sitter so that you can have time to relax and breathe.


Satisfy Your Spiritual Needs

Pray, mediate or worship. Take some Yoga classes or go to church. Just think about yourself, sit peacefully and reflect. Satisfy your spiritual hunger. Pray for what you want from life. It will help you think about your priorities.


Stop Making Excuses

‘My kids need me home this Saturday. Taking care of an ill relative is my responsibility. I can’t leave my kids on a sitter. I can’t do it now I have too much work.’ Sounds familiar? We have busy schedules and hectic jobs and we burden ourselves further by making commitments because we feel guilty.

We fail to make time for ourselves. All you have to do is simplify your life. When you make your to do list, schedule a meeting with yourself. Or during work, take a five minute breaks when you have a lot of work lined up; close your eyes, breathe and think happy thoughts. It’s that simple. When you get to work after those five minutes, your productivity will increase as your mind would be relaxed.


Do Things You Enjoy

The shoulders that carry all that weight need a massage every now and then. Do whatever helps you unwind. Indulge in a bar of chocolate or read a good book. Go for a walk or simply take a warm bath before you sleep. Take out 15 to 20 minutes of ‘you-time’ every day to invigorate yourself. Make it a daily ritual. TV time does not count because it is not ‘you time’.

Every now and then, celebrate the fact that you are you! Treat yourself nicely. Be your own priority. Be selfish! YOU are important.

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