People have all sorts of definitions for happiness. Some people think money and career brings happiness while others think health is all it takes to be happy. But what about family? This is something that modernized people seem to overlook when they evaluate what makes themselves happy. We have become such an independent and self absorbed society that most of us forget about family as being our main source of happiness. Think about it for a minute. If you are a career oriented person that neglects their family, then why do you have a family in the first place? Obviously you wanted to have love and a family to share experiences with. We all work hard at our jobs and make money so we can provide for our family. This makes family the number one source of happiness for all people, whether they realize it or not. It can be very easy to take family for granted with the hectic life styles that people live. But, it is a good idea to step back once in awhile and tell your family how much they mean to you. It would be tragic if something bad were to happen to your family and you never told them how happy they made you. That is why it is never a good idea to overlook your family because they are a person’s number one source of happiness.

So, why is family the number one source of happiness? Why not money and fame? Family is what makes a person complete. It even goes back to nature if you really want to dig deep into the reasoning behind why families make people happy. Have you ever seen a family of deer in the woods or bears in the wild protecting their young? Even animals have instincts for family because it is a natural instinct that all living mammals have. Human beings have done a great job at distorting what is truly important in life with things that aren’t so important by nature’s standards.

Money and career have become such an obsession for people because we are taught when we are kids that they are important in life when you get older. How come schools don’t teach kids about love and family togetherness? You never see a course about that taught in any schools. It is a shame because those things are so overlooked in society now and people don’t even realize what they are missing out on. In fact, more people these days don’t even want to have a family because they feel families interfere with their work or they simply are too expensive to have. People who think this way will surly end up miserable and depressed. You can take the richest person in the world with no family and compare their happiness with that of a poor person with a family. Guess which person will be happier? Nine times out of ten it will be the poor person because he has a family, which is what nature wants humans to have.

Friendship is sometimes associated with family when somebody doesn’t have a family of their own to confide in. That makes friendship their number one source of happiness. This makes sense because if you have friends who you can share your most intimate secrets with, then why not consider them family? Even people with a family end up talking with their friends more than their family members anyways. A lot of people associate friends and family in the same level of importance. So as far as the number one source of happiness goes, it is both friends and family.

Unfortunately, it can be very easy for somebody to neglect their friends as much as they neglect their families. When their superficial worries of money and success start to build up then it is easy to overlook what is truly important in life. What is so special about maintaining friendship is that friends don’t owe each other anything or have no obligation to be there for one another. When two people choose to be there for each other that is the kind of friendship worth fighting for, so why overlook it? Friends are there to talk to about your problems and they are compassionate towards your situation while offering advice out of concern. This is something that money, fame and fortune cannot buy.

You may be thinking to yourself, “I care about family and friends, but I am forced to work long hours so I don’t have enough time to spend with them. I can’t afford to not work either because I have many bills to pay. So, what do I do?” Many people feel this way. The problem is people like this can get so wrapped up in their jobs that they never let their families know how much they make them happy.

This is why this source of happiness gets overlooked so often. People forget why they are working so hard in the first place and they never let their families know how much they truly mean to them. So, to stop overlooking this you need to communicate more with your loved ones and let them know how you truly feel. Even if you work long hours, you can still pick up the phone on your lunch break and share your feelings with them. That way they know you aren’t overlooking the happiness they bring to you and you can remind yourself of that happiness as well. Sometimes in life the little actions we take can keep the happiness in our hearts alive and known to the world.

It is easy to take our friends and family for granted. But, when you figure out that they are your number one source of happiness then you will want to make sure they know it. Don’t be skeptical either because these are your sources of happiness, whether you know it or not. Now if you are somebody with no friends and no family, then you probably went in the wrong direction in your life towards the wrong kind of happiness. Maybe you focused on your job or self loathing too much to realize those things don’t make you happy. Try to socialize more and get to know people. Eventually your happiness will fall into place.


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