Our existence is all about trying to figure out the meaning of life. We reach out in many different directions to learn more about it. Many of us make a list of things we want to do, we set goals for ourselves and strategically make an outline for how we would want to spend our years on mother earth. Learn three new languages, learn to swim, climb a mountain and the like become the objectives on our ‘to do’ list. In this act of listing down the goals, there also comes an anxiety that there is little time to achieve all of the goals. An effort towards achieving the difficult bits in life, make us forget the means of making life easy.

Making Life Easy

Life is simple. It is so simple that you will not even understand it. We, the complex and higher beings as compared to other living creatures, have a way of picking our complicated lens to view almost everything in life. At this very moment, think of an event in your life where you could have easily solved a predicament, but its level of difficulty was raised by you. Can you say that, at times, not always, we ourselves twist the straight path of life into a labyrinthine?

There are multiple ways of making your life easy. The focus here will be on modification of life goals. The idea is not to cancel out the difficult aims; rather it is to slip in a few ‘happy goals.’ Let’s take a look at how to set happy goals in life:

Define Happiness

Happiness is unique to each and every individual. If your wallet is as light as a feather, you might feel that someone with big digits in the account is a happy individual. On the other hand, someone from an affluent family might crave for something that is under your possession. There is no set definition for happiness, so you need to describe it based on your experiences and your emotions.

Take a moment and go back in time. Think about an event or any other instance that gave you happiness. Jot it down and see how you can use the experience to form your definition of happiness. For example, there will be several individuals who will say that cooking or food makes them happy. Therefore, their definition of happiness will be based in food or eating or cooking.

Materialize It

Defining is only step one of the game. The second step is the difficult task because many individuals tend to find reasons for retreating away from what makes them happy. When the process of converting the words into action is faced, it becomes difficult to take the initiative.

For instance, for the same individual who loves cooking, the idea of cooking a new dish almost every day might seem like too much of an effort. They might also feel discouraged at the thought of irregularity at cooking new dishes.

Hence, this part of the goal setting process requires a great deal of effort and concentration. Start off with little baby steps. If you love cooking and you set a goal of opening a restaurant within a few months, it is likely to bring crashing down your happiness. Even for the goal of cooking a new dish every day, tell yourself that you can start off by small meals and then move onto recipes that require hours of hard work.

Motivate Yourself

When you set a goal of learning a new language, you join an institute and take proper classes to be fluent in speaking. Joining an institute, having a social life with others who have a similar goal and monetarily investing in the venture, all contribute to the achievement of the goal.

Therefore, it is important to motivate yourself in as many ways as you can. Let’s take the same cooking example. When the individual buys a cook book, invests in new crockery and maybe joins cooking classes, they will feel a sense of responsibility for working towards their goal.

Even in the field of psychology, when a client visits a therapist, one of the first things they do is set a fee for the session. The sole reason for this practice is for the client to feel a sense of responsibility for taking the session. Therefore, be fully invested in your goal to feel motivated.

How will Happy Goals Make Life Easy?

Happy goals are similar to a dessert. You eat an entire meal so that you can have the dessert in the end (this is only understandable by those who love sweet food items). Similarly, happy goals will be like your treat in life. You will be able to do something, at the end of the day that makes you happy. It will give your life a balance and make you feel that life is a tad bit fair and easier if you can make yourself happy by engaging in certain activities.

Besides, your goal will be something you do for yourself and attain happiness out of it. The many roles in life that one takes, it is generally to do things for others. We act in certain ways, do some activities, behave or live in a certain way that is solely due to social needs. Hence, your happy goals will be something you do for yourself.

Evaluating your Happiness

Besides setting the goals and making plans on how to achieve happiness, it is also important to see how effective the aim has been. You have to figure out a mechanism to see if your happy goal has been making your life easier or not. To evaluate your happy, do the following:

Every time you engage in the goal or the activity, rate your sense of satisfaction, content and happiness out of 10. Quantify it and give it a number. When you do that, it will allow you to either strengthen the goal or polish it up and modify it.

Making life easy should be one of the goals in life. And to make life easy, you need to add happy goals to your list. Hence, happy goals have a dual purpose- they make you happy and they make life easy!

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