Want to know a simple formula to eternal happiness? It is the sense of fulfillment. A point reached through the combination of our basic needs i.e. scrumptious, delicious, filling food and a sense of achievement. It may sound a little complicated but let’s simplify it a little.

Achievement and Success

Let’s start with achievement and success. To measure this, one has to set goals.

Setting Goals

Ask yourself what your aim in life is. Accordingly, set long term and short term goals. Set career goals and goals for life. Set daily and weekly goals and annual goals. Setting goals paves out a path for your life.

Make sure your objectives are SMART.

  • Specific – The Goal should be detailed. For example if you want to lose weight. How much weight would you like to lose?
  • Measurable – You should be able to measure your success. How much have youu done and how much you still have to do?
  • Achievable – The goals should not be too easy that you end up having a laid back attitude nor too hard to reach that you lose all interest because you think they are unattainable.
  • Realistic – Be very realistic when setting goals. Take into account whether you or anybody for that matter is capable of doing so much or is it something impossible to accomplish.
  • Timed – Have a time line ready with the goals. So that you know what you have to do and how much time you have to do it.

Setting SMART objectives is easy but staying motivated and not falling behind on your goal chart isn’t. A lot of emphasis is placed on working hard and staying motivated but we forget that we are human beings and need something to keep ourselves motivated. This is where the second step comes in; setting rewards.

Setting Rewards

Rewards are an important tool for motivation and improving self-efficacy. Self perception and confidence to be able to perform a certain task with other motivational factors can improve one’s performance. Think only of the best, work only for the best, and expect only the best!

To motivate yourself, you set rewards for yourself for each objective. As you achieve those goals, keep rewarding yourself. But make sure that as you move forward from small achievements to big ones, your rewards get bigger too. These rewards will and should make you happy! Remember, no cheating!


Food and Happiness

For many, these two words can be used as synonyms. Why is it that whenever we are down chocolate and ice cream makes us feel better? Why is it that every time a person celebrates his birthday he has cake? Why do we have barbecues on Memorial Day and Easter, while Halloween and Christmas are all about candy? Also, a Thanksgiving meal is not complete without a turkey. Why is it that every time we celebrate happiness, we celebrate it with food?

That’s because food makes us happy. It makes us look forward to the event. Food motivates us. Use this basic concept to motivate yourself to reach goals. Kind of like when people celebrate a promotion with champagne.

Food That Makes You Happy

Here is a list of happy food and since you are what you eat, use these to reward yourself and stay happy.

Dark Chocolate

Nom Nom Nom! Just nibble on some chocolate to make you happy. It is your best friend. Chocolate doesn’t judge, it understands. According to a research, dark chocolate has the same effect on your body as prescription mood enhancing drugs. It improves blood flow to the brain. It can make you feel awesome. Reward yourself with chocolate. It’s not that expensive and it’ll keep you in a good mood and it’ll keep you motivated for those short term goals. Just a few ounces after achieving those daily objectives and you’ll feel energetic and vibrant. Although chocolate boosts concentration and mood, we advise you not to go overboard with the consumption.

Have Ice Cream

Ice-creams make you happy. It’s a proven fact! Researchers have found that ice cream has the same effect on the brain as winning money and listening to your favorite music. So for your next achievement, buy yourself a tub of ice-cream and dig in!

Hint: For some extra happiness, have ice-creams with walnuts- they are packed with omega-3s. Great for alleviating mood swings!

Big Achievement? Go Out for Salmon

If it’s a big achievement, it deserves a lavish dinner. Head out for some seafood. Go have some salmon. Its rich in Omega-3s which helps fight depression. It’s like being a wood chuck lost in a furniture store. In addition to that, it boosts memory and focus.


Remember those good old days how Popeye used to have spinach, save the day and get the girl and be all happy? Well, spinach does make you happy but not exactly the way it was used in the cartoon. It is rich in vitamin B and folic acid that improves your mood. It has antioxidants that protect brain cells from free radicals that make you have mood swings and lead to low energy. Have these leafy green vegetables once a week. Most wouldn’t like to reward themselves with vegetables but it still makes you happy. So why not just have a Juicy steak with spinach on the side?

Green Tea

If you want to drink to health and happiness, drink green tea. It is full of thiamine, an antioxidant which acts as a calming agent. Sip on a cup of warm green tea and say goodbye to your worries and health issues.

Oh Honey!

Honey makes you happy. No really, it does! And it is really good for your health. It prevents depression and keeps your brain healthy.

Eat to health, happiness and success! Love yourself and treat yourself for all your achievements, big or small. Attain self satisfaction and reach the stage of self actualization. Food can help reduce anxiety and make you feel happy. A little bit of effort and a little bit of treating yourself with good and happy food is the formula for happiness.

Good luck and Bon Appetite!



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