Every person needs money and health in order to survive. It is not just a matter of happiness that these two things bring to your life. Without money and health, a person wouldn’t have much of a life at all. You need money in order to afford the necessities of life and pay your bills. Money can afford you food, clothes and a place to live. Without money, it is fair to say that a person wouldn’t be able to stay healthy either because they couldn’t pay for their healthcare costs. You can also get unhealthy by simply working a job that you hate. If you have a high stress job that you despise, eventually all that anxiety will strain your heart and you will have a heart attack.

You need to implement more happiness into your life if you are going to stay healthy. This does not always involve making money either. Happiness can come from working a job you love, even if it is a low paying job. So, is money more important than health? Well, if you are dying of an illness and have $500 billion in the bank then that money won’t do you much good.

You need to be healthy in order to spend your money and enjoy life with it. You may be able to stay alive a little longer through dialysis if you are sick because you can afford the best medical treatment. But still, your quality of life would be diminished and you would have to depend on constant supervision from a medical staff in order to stay alive.

Is that kind of life really worth living for if you could have a lot of money? There are many arguments that can be made to support wanting more money versus wanting to be healthy.

How would you answer the question of choosing between money or health? The answer to this question will be different for each person. We all have our own opinions and reasoning behind what is important in life and what is not. In reality the answer for everybody is the same, whether they can admit it or not.

People know deep down that health is more important than money. The problem is they work so hard trying to get the money that they forget about their health altogether. Then when they get older they are not happy because they spent their whole lives stressing out over making money and it has destroyed their physical health. Yes, believe it or not stress and constant experiences of anxiety can cause your health to deteriorate throughout your life. You have to realize that stressing over money doesn’t bring happiness and it will only hurt your health in the end.

Now, this doesn’t mean you have to be poor the rest of your life in order to stay happy in a stress free life. There will always be some levels of stress that people have to deal with, but if you have excessive happiness in your life then the stress won’t affect your health. How do you get happiness? For most people it is accomplishing a goal that they have. Most people have goals to make a lot of money, but what they never figure out is how to make the money doing something they love. A selective group of people may be able to make money doing something they love, like acting or singing. These are the happiest people in the world because they have both money and health. They will never be forced to choose between the two. However, most of us are not that lucky and we have to make this difficult choice sometime in our lives. There is nothing wrong with loving something that won’t make you a lot of money. If being a school teacher or construction worker makes you happy then that is fine. You won’t ever get rich from them, but you will go to work every day feeling energetic and enthusiastic. This type of attitude is what will keep you healthy.

When did the world’s obsession with money get so out of hand? In the old days the common person never had dreams of money and wealth. They simply accepted what they were good at in life and stuck with it. The idea of being a rich person did not even cross people’s minds.

Nowadays in countries like America, everyone has the idea that they will be rich if they simply work hard. Of course, this is a very bland statement because there are plenty of professions where people work hard and never get rich. Don’t janitors and cab drivers work hard? You won’t ever see them owning their own mansion or driving a Cadillac. The unfortunate truth is that it doesn’t matter how hard you work, but what you work hard at. Since the average person won’t get rich by becoming a singer or an actor, they would have to make their money in the corporate business world if they wanted to be rich. This means getting an MBA at an ivy league college and working hard towards an executive position within a major company. Does this sound like a fun or exciting career path? Of course not. There is nothing fun or exciting about the business world except the cheap thrills of making big money. These thrills can be compared to the thrills of eating junk food. It feels good while you’re doing it, but afterwards you feel miserable and worn out.

Well, it is the same with making money in the business world. You get worn out by working long hours and stressing yourself out all day long. And, for what? To make a six figure income and own a big home, which you will never have time to enjoy because you will be working all the time. Therefore, isn’t staying healthy through a happy career choice a worthy thing to do? It feels good and it is something you can be proud of when you are on your deathbed. You will have fewer regrets and lots of happy memories to dwell upon. This is the true meaning of life and everybody should choose a healthy life over a life of money and greed.

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