Happiness is a state of mind. It is not about everything going your way perfectly. It is about how calm and happy your mind is while you achieve and go about your daily routine tasks. People suffer from a chaotic mind these days. They feel they have to do these tasks but cannot organize themselves properly to go about doing them. Some people don’t even do the things that they truly love simply because they feel that they don’t have the ‘time’ to do them.

It’s true that we all lead a busy life. But if we do not prioritize, leave work off for tomorrow, or not really live in the present, then we will never be happy.

What Makes a Person Happy?

Those who believe that materialistic things can bring about happiness are wrong. Materialistic happiness is short term because it is a temporary treatment to your wound. It will help bring about a momentary change, but it can never be a long term cure. People like spending money on these things because they feel their emptiness or void will somehow fill up with these possessions. It is, in fact, not the materialistic things that have an impact on our lives, but the happy moments that we have lived each day where we have truly been most happy. It is always, therefore, said that the best things in life are for free.

Happiness has to come from within. You can never instill happiness into someone through specific actions. To put in simple terms, if you do not have inner peace, you are not a happy individual. This inner peace can, however, be achieved through doing the things we really care about, meditating and self reflection, and archiving happiness. The last one is a technique used by people to store bits and pieces of whatever they love, and view it later on to bring back those happy memories. It is also a means of preserving your happiness so that you can use it for instances that you need it the most.

Happiness is ridding your mind of all the negative energy and chaos. It is about living each moment fully. It gets even better if you make a record of these happy moments.

Stop Worrying about the Future

You are not living in the future, are you? Exactly! So why are you constantly worried about it? It’s not even here yet! Most of the efforts that we do in the present are a way to preserve our future. Well the truth is, life is unpredictable, and life is short. You never know what lies in the future and what difficulties you might have to face. So stop worrying about the future and make sweet memories of your present. They come a long way in keeping you happy because you can relive those moments later on in life. Sure the future is important, but do not stop living in the present for your future. Carry on your usual activities and have fun along with it.

Preserving Your Happiness

A brilliant way of happiness is to preserve those moments of your life that caused you to be your most happy, or the things that make you the happiest. These things, when revisited, can bring the same smile to your face as the first time you laid your eyes on them, or felt something with them. You can place these things and memories around your house so that you can instill around the most positive and happy energy that you can. These could be pictures, notes and letters, souvenirs from places you visited, or the special gifts you received from your friends.

Archiving your happiness is one of the greatest happiness tips because they help us to remember those happy moments in our lives. Reliving those moments can have a great impact on our current state.

Ways to Archive Your Happiness

Happiness can be archived in several ways. For instance, like mentioned before, you can save up bits and pieces of your memories and either display them around your house, or keep them in a box with you to look at later. Archiving can also mean using different things that make you happy generally and keeping them with you. A great example is that of my mother. She loves collecting sea shells, and yes, I know that it is a very clichéd thing to do. She loves it though and she has many of them which she got home from the beach, cleaned them up, and placed them around the house. Our house is now referred to as the sea shell house! But I will admit that she has quite a collection now and all of them quite pretty.

Never Fear Contentedness

Many people have this fear that when they are too content, a bad period is likely to come their way. This thinking will ruin your present contentedness, and your false belief of a future difficult period will ruin everything for you. When you feel happy, feel it all the way because you deserve it. Ups and downs are a part of life, but that does not mean that you have to inter-mingle the two. Most importantly, do not let that little voice in your head tell you that you probably shouldn’t be doing something. Be confident about your pursuits and everything should go according to plan.

No matter what you think, true happiness can be achieved, but it is up to you how you achieve it. Fixing up your schedule so that your brain is less over the place is working your way towards it, but there is more to a continuously happy state of mind. So learn to archive your happiness as much as you can, and make sure you remove all the negative energy out of your life. Also, don’t worry about the future too much. It isn’t even here yet. Live your present fully and collect as many things that make you happy.

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