Workplace stress and other job relevant issues can be dealt with easily when resources within the office environment are utilized to their maximum potential. Whether you are an old employee or a new one, certain tips and techniques can help increase your chances of climbing the corporate ladder or leaving admirable first impressions. Here is a list of ways for you to ascertain whether you are utilizing your workplace resources correctly:

Are you managing your Time?

Time is one of the most important resources, requiring a great deal of your attention and management. If you manage time right, you will be able to juggle with the rest of the resources in an effective fashion. Hence, start off by prioritizing your work. For instance, start your day by dealing with a new task or assignment because you will be fresh and capable of investing all your energy towards it.  Similarly, make a mental list of the division of your attention for tasks, throughout the day.

Understand the Importance of Orientations

If you are a new employee and are avoiding the orientation session, then go over your decision again. They might be boring, but nothing is more boring than repeatedly asking your supervisor how something works. It is a workplace resource that can be utilized for your own benefit.  These will serve as basic learning sessions for you and you are likely to get the hang of your workplace better. Additionally, this can serve as a socializing forum.

For instance, at an orientation, interact with other employees. This will serve as a great opportunity for you to not only socialize but also learn from your colleagues. Additionally, make notes from the orientation programs to make your learning more concrete.

Working in a Team and Building Relationships

When working in a team, it is important to understand that every individual member has a grave impact on the overall productivity of the group. This can be anyone like someone who participates actively, is constructive with work, completes projects positively etc. Therefore while working with a team, find a way to stand out and present yourself as a team player.

For every group project it is important to remember that you will need to carry a positive attitude and a friendly aura. When you have an ‘open to learning’ attitude, it is likely to make your work easier and for you to gel in with your group. If you will be working with senior employees, asking questions and learning from them will be an integral part of the experience. Here, your colleagues will serve as a workplace resource.

Accept the Opportunities

When your employer asks you to attend a training program or throws in a chance for you to attend an educational workshop, avail the opportunity. If you feel you are aware of the information that will be imparted at the workshop or the training program, it is still a wise idea to refresh your knowledge.

For instance, avail the opportunity of the in house or on the job training sessions. These are the workplace resources that can help train you in the right direction. Remember that these are tailored to the needs of the employees and involves skills training. As an employee you will get a chance to interact with experts in the field and learn from them. For an on the job training session, pay attention to the directions that will be provided so that you learn the basic survival skills at work.

Using the Technology Right

Make use of the technology and equipment given to you for being productive and efficient. Use your email or other means of communication to stay updated with your work and manage it effectively. Technology is also a great way to monitor your own performance and progress. Additionally, it is also a great way of organizing your work.

Make use of sticky notes on your monitor and write small pieces of information that you feel require special attention. In addition to that make use of a spread sheet to organize your work and manage your progress. However, make sure that your style is parallel to the standards set by your organization.

Handling the Presentation Work

There are many tips and techniques that can come in handy while working on a presentation. While making the presentation, it is important to remember a few pointers from your undergrad years such as the practice of not overloading the slides and so on. Based on the project that you are required to handle, it is also important to not exceed your time limit.

Whether it is a group project or an individual one, time management during presentations is an essential task. Additionally, when you rehearse, make sure to utilize the workplace resource and practice with the original equipment before your final presentation. Not only will you be able to pick technical glitches, but you will also be able to adjust well in the presentation room.

For the Greater Good

As an employee, you are also responsible to manage your workplace resources effectively. Underutilizing the given resources is as much of a sin as overutilization is. Make sure to not engage in the practice of wasting useful materials and resources.

You are responsible for the impact that your work or your practices might have on the environment. Start with the basics and avoid wasting electricity. These are habits that are not only beneficial for your workplace, but will contribute to the greater good of the environment.

The aforementioned are a handful of workplace resources that, if utilized effectively, can be helpful in multiple ways. The more familiar you are with your workplace, the more you can utilize its resources. If you underutilize the opportunities, options, tools and equipment put forward to you professionally, you will actually be unfair to yourself and your job. Hence, make appropriate and legitimate use of your workplace resources to enhance your productivity. It will only help you in the long run.

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