Everybody wants to move up the corporate ladder and earn a promotion at their job. Unfortunately, many employees don’t take advantage of the opportunities that could lead them towards a promotion to a better job. There are a number of factors that can hold somebody back from trying hard to obtain a promotion. Perhaps they have a family that needs them home at a certain time, so a new work schedule with longer hours will leave them less time with their family. Even though family is important, so is a career.

In fact, a good reason for somebody to advance their career in the first place is to make more money to provide for their family. In order to do this they will have to make sacrifices and this means working longer hours. But the mentality for many people is to work less and have more free time. So because they never try hard, they end up sabotaging all of their promotional opportunities in the future and never achieve any greater success in their lives.

Besides not wanting to work longer hours, employees often have a habit of sabotaging their promotional opportunities from a simple lack of self confidence. The employee may think they are not qualified enough to get a better job because of a lack of education or experience. So because of their negative thinking, they never try applying for a better job and just stay in the same career forever. If you are in this situation then you have to decide right now what you really want; a mediocre job or a chance to go all the way up the corporate ladder within your company.

Chances are you will want to get as many promotions as possible, but you keep holding yourself back. Don’t do that! Take advantage of every opportunity that your company offers you. In other words, do whatever your boss tells you to do and do a great job at it. Satisfying your boss is the key to any promotion and your main goal should be to do whatever they want. If your boss wants you to work a lot of overtime, don’t refuse and make dramatic excuses for why you can’t. They don’t care about your personal situations, whether you are lying about them or not. They only care about getting employees who are team players and will go the extra mile to work hard for their company.

In the workplace, often times coworkers like to compete for the next big promotion that their boss will be giving out. After all, when a better position becomes available the company will receive plenty of internal applications at their human resources department. This means the company will consider employees within their organization that apply for the position first. You will not only want to have a great work record, but you will want to have a letter of recommendation from your boss as well.

Think about it. If everyone in your department is applying for one job that is better than the one they currently have, the employee with a letter of recommendation from their boss will stand out the most. Sometimes your boss will have the authority to simply give you the promotion, which moves you up to a better job automatically. Then you won’t even have to bother applying for a better position. But in most big companies, the employees are forced to apply for their promotional job opportunities instead of waiting for them to be hand delivered. Either way, you will have the best chance at a promotion from doing above satisfactory work for your boss.

A great way to impress your boss is to be a team player. As a team player, you will have the opportunity to prove your abilities against the abilities of your other coworkers that are in the team. If you can, try and volunteer to be the team leader or at least the person who makes important decisions for the team. The point is you will want to be the one who is carrying your team towards success. It is better to be a team leader and not simply a team follower. The more you stand out the more your boss will notice you and give you that promotion you’ve been waiting for.

All it takes is motivation and a desire to be the best. It is amazing how many employees don’t realize this enough. They just keep doing the bare minimum in order to receive their paychecks. They think if they keep this pattern up and spend a long time with their company that it will eventually entitle them to a promotion. Unfortunately, the corporate world doesn’t work that way. They give promotions to people who can give the company something that others within the company cannot. That is why the jobs that come with promotions have so much more responsibility attached to them. They are given to people who have proven that they can handle more responsibility than their current job has required. So, if you prove that you can be responsible then you’ll have promotional opportunities just waiting for you.

Some people may feel they have no reason to care about promotional opportunities. Perhaps, they don’t have a family to support or a lot of expenses to worry about. A person may just like enjoying a stress free life without all the hassles that a higher paying job would bring. If you are a person like this then you must have little confidence in yourself. If you do a great job at work then you owe it to yourself to advance further.

There is no reason to sabotage any promotional opportunities that come your way just because you want more free time. Even if you think you wouldn’t be good at the job or can’t do it, try to get it anyways. You only live once and most people only dream of having a promotional opportunity in front of them. With the economy in rough shape and people losing their jobs, the only jobs that will be left are the more important jobs within a company. If you land one of these jobs through a promotion you will have job security and less of a chance of being laid off. You will also be less expendable to the company, as opposed to the lower level jobs that companies don’t mind eliminating. It is important to think about your future and to never take any kind of promotional opportunity for granted.


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