Do you really want to stay in touch with reality? Do you fear that your life is slowly drifting away, while all around you, the world is starting to change? Yes, that is the way most people are feeling right now. The current economic climate has affected the thinking of people today, and with the unemployment ratio at an all time high today, the biggest fear people have today is the fear of getting obsolete. Over the years many things which we have taken for granted have started becoming obsolete, and that is one of the major reasons why people today have started to lose touch with reality.

It is important that you learn to adapt and accept the changes that are going on in our world at this moment in time. People should implement a constant phase of learning in their lives in order to stay in touch with this fast paced world. Companies today are hiring and firing employees who they deem as ‘surplus to requirements’ at will. Have you ever stopped and noticed why that is the case? Because these corporate see them as dispensable, and obsolete employees who can no longer contribute to the well being of the organization.

This is why it is crucial that you stay up to date with your industry and constantly learn new skills in order to not become obsolete. Make no mistake about it, if you are comfortable in your job and think that there is no way that you will ever face the dangers of becoming obsolete then think again! You have to be one step ahead of everyone else in order to become essential to your company and don’t lose touch with reality. If you want to avoid becoming obsolete then here are some essential pointers you should keep in mind:

Keep Your Résumé Updated

Businesses around the world are changing the way they operated, which is why you should never become too comfortable with a particular job and always look to stay ahead of the job market. This means regularly updating your résumé and acquiring knowledge about the latest trends in your industry. Companies are changing the way they recruit employees, and social media platforms are being used with increasing regularity to hire new people. Make sure that your résumé stays up to date with the market environment and what skills recruiters are looking for in your industry.

Hone Your Job-Specific Skills

The ability to adapt and learn new skills is what keeps individuals motivated in their respective fields. You have to learn how to do your job in different ways in order to realize your true potential. The things you learnt when you first started in your industry have become obsolete now, since technology has infiltrated every major field and you need to hone your job-specific skills in order to show your employers that you are an invaluable employee who can learn new skills quite easily.

Learn to Grasp the Bigger Picture

There are infinite ways in which you can solve a problem or get a job finished. This is where you will have to learn the ability to grasp the bigger picture. Try to implement new ways in which you can finish your work without experiencing burn out and you will reap the rewards. There is more than one way to skin a cat; you just have to find the most convenient way to do it. Obviously, like most things, this can be learnt and practiced.

Improve Your Focus and Concentration Powers

The world we live in today is incredibly fast paced and you need to learn the skills to not only focus on the job at hand better but also to improve your concentration powers. Research has shown that people who have sharper focus and good concentration, tend to finish a job much more efficiently than people who struggle to apply themselves properly. Many performance experts call this phase as ‘being in the zone’. Try reaching the highest level of focus and concentration you can and you will become invaluable to your company.

Use More Creativity

Even though many things may have changed in your industry, one thing that can never be in danger of becoming obsolete is ‘creativity’. Organizations today encourage all their employees to use more creativity in their job and to try and look at problems from different perspectives. This requires you to practice being flexible in your routines and the way you go about doing certain things at work. Forget all those methods you have been doing for the past 10 years, if you can’t learn to become creative with your work then you are in danger of becoming obsolete.

Become A Self Directed Learner and Process Information Faster

In the current age, time = money, therefore you should practice becoming a self directed learner and improve your skills of processing information faster. There is always something new to learn in this day and age, and if you can become a self directed learner, then you are well on your way to becoming a more enlightened individual, while you can also process information faster by tapping into the infinite powers of the human brain.

Reading Skills Are Essential

Who would have thought that in a world dominated by technology, reading skills would be deemed as incredibly important in almost every industry? This is because people have realized the infinite powers of words and how they impact human individuals. It is termed as the age of knowledge and people are encouraged to not only improve their reading skills but also learn to comprehend the written word at accelerated rates.


In the ever changing world, it is highly essential that you develop these cognitive skills in order to be up to date with the marketplace today. Employees today often complain of too much stress at work and of the fear of experiencing burn out from their job. Almost every job today requires that you stay updated with technology and stay in a constant phase of self learning. These skills are designed to equip people with the challenges of working in this technological age.

Realizing the potential importance of staying in vogue and avoid getting obsolete is something that everyone should know today. This is why you should make a commitment to yourself for your own growth through lifelong learning.

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