A simple guide to becoming a somebody!

Study a bibliography of any successful person and you will find out that it’s not only talent that gets you to the peak of your career but the people you know, who help you get there. It’s about knowing the right people, it’s about making them know you and remember you.  It’s about helping them and doing them favors. It is all about personal networking.

Networking Can Take You Places

Networking is as important as struggling and working hard to gain success. You have to know people, the right kind of people, people who can help you in your field of work.   Don’t stick to people of your own field, get out there and meet different people. Increase your network. To befriend these people, you have to look on-line and go meet them face to face. Find them on different forums and different networking places. For example, if you are looking to excel in a career related to photography, attend seminars, expos and exhibitions. If you are looking to expand your business, attend various related dinners and conferences. You will bump into a few VIPs of the field. The next step is to engage them in a good conversation. The details and guidelines of which are mentioned below. After that, it’s follow up time.

Easier said than done. But use the following guidelines to increase your personal network.

Interpersonal Networking

Nothing can top face to face communication. It is the best way to make an impression, and to make someone remember you. But you don’t want to go wrong here. It’ll be a mistake you’ll regret forever!

It’s about engaging someone. Think of it as scoring a date. You look for the perfect person. You start a light conversation with them. Keep it crisp and don’t let it become boring. Tell them a little something about yourself. Something that will make them interested in you. Make sure to offer them something they are looking for. Take their contact information. Make sure the conversation is at a very interesting point when excuse yourself very courteously and leave. Leave them interested in knowing more. Interested in waiting for you to contact them.

  • First impression is the last impression, so, let’s start with your appearance. Dress to impress. Dress formally to formal events and semi-formal to casual events. No one will take you seriously with the right out of bed look
  • How you dress has an important role to play in how you feel and can greatly influence your confidence level. Similarly, your posture also determines the tone of your voice. Learn to use the two to your advantage. Always dress nicely and stand straight. Never, ever slouch! Start with a firm hand shake. While talking to someone, use proper hand gestures to explain things and get your message through.
  • Maintain eye contact to appear confident and gain the interest of the person you are talking to.
  • Remember not to give too much information nor too little. If you tell them everything, they will not be interested in knowing more. And you will not be able to invite questions and/or their interest. If you don’t tell them enough, they will not understand and again there is no point of having a conversation if it is not understood or if you are unable to generate the desired response.
  • Following up is important. If you’ve met them at an expo, for instance, make sure they remember you. Drop them an email about being interested in their work and remind them about how and where you met. Introduce yourself again and state your purpose for writing that email. Make sure you do this within a week’s time, before they forget who you are and when and how you met.


Social Networking

We all keep hearing about the importance of social networking. We all know that if you are not on the Internet you DO NOT EXIST! But come on, most of us have Facebook and twitter accounts but are we doing it right?  LinkedIn isn’t the only social networking website that can help your career or your business. Learn to use Twitter and Facebook to your advantage too.

Work on your profile on LinkedIn. Make it look good. Increase your following. Follow everyone who follows you on twitter. Use your Facebook to follow up and stay in touch with your new contacts. Make sure not to share anything offensive. Learn to make use of it professionally.

Here is a little cheat that can help you appear as the big cheese. Get your own domain name. It costs like twenty bucks or so per month. To appear more important, make an account for an assistant. For example: assistant@yourdomainname.com. Check your own assistant mail.*wink wink*

Tips For Business Networking

Remember, networking is a give and take relationship between different parties. I mean, let’s face it. You guys aren’t friends. The only reason you will do something for someone is only if you expect something in return – it’s just good business. So the more useful you appear, the more people will be willing to do you favors. Nurture the people in your network in return.

Just how many people in your network is considered enough? It’s never enough. Build on your circle. Meet more people through the people you already know.

In Conclusion

Networking is all about building a community around you that shares a common purpose – which is to excel in their particular fields. All of them help each other reach their own personal goals. When you become a part of the network, it becomes your responsibility to nurture them first before expecting something from them. There is a difference between being a person who is worthwhile and somebody who is not. Learn to be the person who helps others. This will help you in the long run. Those who think short-term when it comes to networking cannot get far.

Are you ready to be a somebody? Are you ready to build your own network? Are you ready to help others? Are you ready to make an impression?

Break a leg!

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