In the 21st century, it seems that more people are obsessed with making money than they are with the satisfaction of their jobs. Everybody seems to want to be rich and have expensive material things because they think this is what happiness is all about. Well statistically, about 90% of working people are not satisfied with their career situation. They worry so much about earning the right amount of money that they have forgotten about their dreams of a satisfying career. Chances are if a person is not happy at their job then they will give a less than satisfactory performance. Nobody should settle for less than satisfactory because we are all meant for something better. Each person has an area of excellence that they need to implement into a career choice that will bring them complete satisfaction. You need to perform a self evaluation and ask yourself career questions, so you can figure out what kind of job will satisfy you.

There are many reasons why people can feel satisfied with their jobs. If you can figure these reasons out then they should point you towards the right career choice for you. First, ask yourself if you need some kind of mentally challenging work to give you satisfaction. This may involve being a doctor or a scientist, where the work requires mostly brainpower and knowledge from your mind. Then there are some people who prefer physical laboring jobs, where they can daydream and not have to use their brain on the job so much. You might find jobs like this in construction, factory work or truck driving. These kinds of jobs are wrongfully stereotyped as being bad or degrading, but they aren’t to everybody. There are those who love not having to use their brain power. Perhaps they are gifted more with their bodies than with their minds. Nothing is wrong with that. As long as a person has satisfaction at their job then that is all that matters. Ask yourself if the work you do has to be interesting or not. Most people hate being bored and will usually want a job that is interesting to them. Some people find accounting interesting and other kinds of people find police work more interesting than accounting. Do you need action in your job or do you prefer to sit in an office 8 hours a day?

Since most people are not satisfied with their jobs, that means they are taking any job they can get in order to survive. After all, earning a livable income is important because it feeds your family and pays the rent. We don’t always have a choice in this matter, but that should never stop you from working toward the type of job that you would like to have. There are many ways you can take steps towards a better career path. If you need to further your education for a more satisfying career, then take some online courses where you can go to class anytime of the day. This way you can earn college credit and work towards a degree that could get you the career of your dreams. The key is to making career satisfaction a top priority. If you are juggling an unpleasant job with college courses, you are going to feel a lot of pressure and stress. However, don’t let these things stop you from going all the way with your studies because the hard work will always pay off in the end.

There may be a selective group of individuals that don’
t really care about the physical or mental challenges of a job or if the job is interesting to them at all. They may care more about simply doing something valuable that makes a difference in people’s lives. This is commendable and some people get complete satisfaction from helping others, regardless of the strain the job puts on them. These kinds of jobs could be police work, firefighting, nursing or a military career. A person can make a comfortable living off these jobs, but they certainly won’t get rich. You don’t have to be rich to have a satisfying career, although there are people who will still disagree with that. The mindset of the modern generation is that a good paying job is all it takes to be satisfied. They think that if you aren’t making a six figure income then you are a failure in life. It is sad that people associate money with job satisfaction because in reality most rich people are miserable. They drive themselves crazy overworking themselves to earn more money that they don’t need and then they have no time for themselves.

Chances are they don’t enjoy the work they do that makes them rich either, but they do it because they think money is the key to happiness. That is not true. A person who loves their job and makes $25,000 per year will definitely be happier than somebody who hates their job and makes $100,000 per year. Logically, it makes sense. Both can afford to shelter themselves and eat. The richer one may drive a nicer car and live in a bigger house, but so what? As long as you have a roof over your head and food on the table then you are already earning enough money.

We all only have one life to live. There is no sense in spending most of that life working at a job you hate. When people are on their death bed and look at their regrets, none of their regrets involve wishing they made more money. Often times, people wish they had worked a career they enjoyed doing and spent more time with their families. That should give you some idea of why career satisfaction is important. Somebody on their death bed has no use for money and they have a more accurate perception about what is important in life. We can all take a lesson from them and forget about earning so much money.

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