People tend to develop a lot of ego, especially at work. They continue making mistakes in their work sometimes because their ego comes in the way of asking for help. Why is that so? Why is it so hard to ask for help sometimes when help is literally right around the corner? The answer to that question is ‘ego’.

Everyone needs help time and gain, especially in the corporate world, whether we like it or not. We work in teams and are required to carry out tasks which involve team work. Many consider seeking for help as a sign of weakness. They do not want to appear vulnerable in front of others by asking favors. Some fear rejection. All this fear and embarrassment becomes an obstacle in the way of progress. In most cases, these psychological barriers are unjustified because there are helpful people in all organizations and if you look for help you will get it. You, after all, will help others out in difficult situations too, wouldn’t you?

Understanding Why Career Ego is Developed

We are all egocentric to different degrees. Problems mostly arise because we only think from our perspective and fail to really understand other people. You might not believe it, but the reality is exactly the opposite of how you think it to be. There is more pressure on other people to say ‘yes’ when they are asked for help because they think it will be awkward for them to say ‘no’.

To put it in simple terms, reality is often different from how one perceives it to be. Therefore, jumping to conclusions about how the other person’s response is going to be when you ask for help, without even knowing their response, is what hinders us from progressing.

Here Is What You Should Do

  • If you need any kind of help at any point in time, it is always good to ask for it. People love helping out others, especially when the request is small.
  • Let the people you are seeking help from know that they can always say no to you if the request seems like a burden to them. You might not even know, but saying ‘no’ is a hard thing to do for them.

Tone Your Ego Down at the Workplace

Be a Team Player

Being a people person at work is important because chances are that sooner or later you will have to work in teams. The overall success of the organization depends on how one is doing in teams. If ego comes in the way of dealing with team members, then chances are that the projects you are working on will suffer.

Ask for Help

Never hesitate or be too proud to ask for help. Even if you are a senior manager and think that you know enough about your field, do not be fooled. There are always juniors who might know about a certain aspect that you wouldn’t. Asking for their help can come a long way in getting the work done in a better way.

Be Humble and Show Humility

No matter how successful you get, always be humble about it. Being humble and showing humility will let you progress further in the organization through demonstrating the art of team work rather than being selfish and focusing on ‘me’.

Achieve Career Success by Simply Asking For Help

Success can come to anyone if they realize the importance of keeping their ego aside and asking for help. Think of the situation this way, would you rather hold on to your ego and let it over power you or would you rather let success weigh more? Most of the times, people work their hardest and are truly motivated by their job, but they don’t get anywhere and they fail to understand why. Well, it mostly happens because these people refuse to rely on anyone else but themselves.

Asking for help increases your personal knowledge on the subject as well, and knowledge is power. Interaction such as asking for help, increases overall communication and combines more than one head to work on a single problem. This combination of heads can then help find a faster and a more creative solution to the problems which in turn also helps increase motivation.

If you are worried about what people might think of you if you ask for their help, or what they might say behind your back, then your worry is useless. This is because people will talk either way. Why not make the most of this and get your job done while they’re at it?

Remember that you are human and you are surrounded by humans. Humans make mistakes and need help from time to time and therefore, it is okay to seek that help from your coworkers. You will be surprised by how many people actually want to help out and two or more heads are always better than one.

There are a lot of examples of famous athletes and leaders who all have one thing in common; they sought help to achieve their success. For instance, Tiger Woods needed help to carry his golf equipment around and to figure out the best wind direction for the best game.

Learn from People

At any workplace, there will be people who do their job better than others or who are the top achievers. Learn from these people. Question them as much as possible and spend time with them so that you understand how they work and what they do differently. You will develop yourself a lot this way and pave your way to success.

What Good Does Humility Do?

Humility incorporates a ‘we’ attitude in work rather than a ‘me’ attitude. It is all about appreciating the knowledge from people around you and incorporating all of that knowledge for the success of your project. Humility is the exact opposite of being egocentric. People who are humble do their job in a manner that does not look selfish because they never look for praise in what they do.

In any situation, ‘humility’ will always triumph ‘ego’. Therefore, incorporate humility in whatever work you do, ask for help when required and you will surely achieve success in a shorter period of time.

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